Cops fined Rs. 1000 for riding bike without helmet [Video]

We have come across several cases where cops have fined people for violating traffic rules. With the implementation of surveillance cameras and online challan system, it has become a lot more transparent. In many cases, cops even rely on social media to check for any violations. However, there are times when the same social media is used against the police department to point out violations. Here, we have one such case where cops were fined Rs 1,000 for riding a bike without a helmet.

The video was shared by a Twitter user, Manjul. The video was recorded in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad. In this video, we can see a TVS Apache RTR motorcycle used by police officers for official duty. The motorcycle is used by two cops for official purposes, but both the rider and the pillion on the Apache are not wearing helmets. Both officers were wearing uniforms and were ignoring the comments made by the rider who was recording the video.

It appears that the video was recorded from a scooter ridden by a lady, as her voice can be heard in the video. She is shouting in the video to make sure that the cops hear her. She is seen asking why the cops are not wearing helmets and whether these rules do not apply to police officers. The video was recorded on a phone by the pillion. When the cops saw the lady recording the video, they increased their speed and left. However, the lady caught up with them at a traffic signal.

The police officer sitting on the pillion seat can be seen looking at the lady and then looking away. Both officers knew that they were being recorded and did not engage with the lady to avoid any kind of confrontation. After the incident, it seems that the video was posted online and the senior officials came across the video and soon acted on it. The traffic police department of Uttar Pradesh police issued a challan of Rs 1,000 on the Apache RTR 160 motorcycle, stating that the reason for this fine is that the rider and the pillion were riding a two-wheeler without helmets.

This is not the first time we have come across an incident like this. In the past, people have reported traffic rules violations by cops, and necessary actions have been taken against them too. In this video, it was clear from the faces of the officers on the motorcycle that they were at fault and were trying to run away from the camera. While we appreciate the efforts taken by the lady to follow the cops and record the video, we think shouting on the public road was a bit too much. She could have simply recorded a video and sent it to the authorities.

Riding a two-wheeler without a helmet is an offense. Strict action is now being taken against offenders. CCTV cameras installed in various parts of the city also capture such offenses and issue challans. Wearing a helmet is an extremely important gear for anyone riding a two-wheeler. This helmet would protect the rider and pillion from head injuries in case of an accident. We have seen several examples in the past where people have escaped major accidents just because they were wearing proper helmets.