Cops garland mum & son for buying groceries during lockdown: Here’s why [Video]

Thousands of positive Corona virus cases have been reported in the country so far. The numbers are still on the rise as more and more cases are being reported everyday. Government had announced a nationwide lockdown and we are currently going through the third phase of it. The third phase is 2 week long and will end on 17 May 2020. On a daily basis, incidents are being reported where police is seizing vehicles of people who are getting out of their houses unnecessarily. Here we have a video from Punjab where cops put garland on mom and son who came out for buying groceries.

A video has now surfaced on social media that shows couple of Punjab police officers on lockdown duty approaching a mother and son duo who came out to purchase groceries. The cops are surprised when they saw the groceries that they had bought. The Mother and son in the video came out to buy groceries which is seen hanging in the front of the scooter in a small packet. The incident had happened in Punjab’s Patiala and the Police took a different approach to make them realise how stupid they were being.

The Police officers brought garlands and put them on the son. This was a stupid act because government had announced lockdown and had also asked to maintain social distancing. On a two wheeler only one person is allowed during the lockdown in most of the states to practice social distancing. If they had to buy groceries in small quantities as seen in the video, both of them should have not come out. All the groceries in that small packet could have been easily bought even if one person had come out. Moreover, they were also not wearing proper masks. The son had a handkerchief covering his face, whereas the mother covered her face using her shawl. Police officers can be seen providing them with masks on video.

Cops garland mum & son for buying groceries during lockdown: Here’s why [Video]

Police has been taking actions against people coming out unnecessarily. Recently, Telangana police had announced that they had seized almost 1.2 lakh vehicles in the state since the lockdown had started. It is recommended to stay inside home and only come out if it is an unavoidable situations. Now areas have been divided into different zones on the basis of number of cases being reported in that particular area. In coming weeks the lockdown is likely to be lifted in stages.

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