Cops harass Honda NAVi & Royal Enfield riders for wearing ‘riding gear’ [Video]

Cops harassing motorcycle riders clad in full safety gear isn’t uncommon in India. Actually, the policemen feel that all riders who have put on a decent helmet, riding gloves, etc are guilty of racing on the public streets. Well, their belief is not totally misplaced as some motorcyclists do end up racing on the public roads. However, the video we have here shows a rather surprising and even a bit funny incident involving a motorcycle rider who uses full safety gear.

Shot in Telangana, this video shows three riders and a few policemen. Actually, this episode involves three motorcycles – a Royal Enfield Bullet, a Hero Glamour, and a Honda Navi. This clip is a part of the footage of an action camera the Navi rider was carrying.

The three motorcyclists seem to be on the return leg of their breakfast ride when they are stopped by the cops. The reason is simple – the Navi-rider is clad in full riding gear, with riding boots, helmet, gloves, et al. The first thing that the cops say is actually the most hilarious. They refer to the rather diminutive Honda Navi as a ‘sportsbike’.

The owner then explains that it’s a small scooter with a Honda Activa engine. Next, the cops go on to tell the Navi rider how people like him create a nuisance by rash riding and loud exhausts. At this moment, the Navi rider again says that his is a harmless vehicle that can’t go even beyond 60 kmph.

Next, the cops point at the riding boots that the Navi rider is wearing. At this moment, the Navi-owner again explains that the full riding gear protects from getting hurt in an event of a crash. Still unconvinced, the policemen then say that ‘riding’ is not allowed on the national highway and that it’s illegal.

Actually, they confuse the term ‘racing’ with ‘riding’. Finally, after a few minutes of argument, the cops let go of the three riders. While we are happy that the Navi rider wasn’t challaned for no fault of his, the video goes on to show the unprofessionalism of the policemen of our country.