Watch cops intentionally breaking up electric rickshaws for wrong entry [Video]


Many people of India do not hold police and traffic cops in high regard because of their behaviour. Every month, reports of bad behaviour by cops surface on the Internet and some reports are absolutely heartbreaking. Even traffic police have been caught behaving badly and using their power on the common citizens in the past. Well, a new video from West Bengal shows a bunch of cops intentionally breaking the headlamps and console of the electric rickshaw owners. Here is the video.

In the video, we can see a bunch of policemen in uniform surrounding electric rickshaws on the public roads. One of the cops from the group uses his baton to hit the headlamp of the electric rickshaw repeatedly until they break. He also hits the speedometer console of the rickshaws while the drivers quietly go through it without a sign of protest. The cops present at the scenario do the same treatment to various rickshaws passing through the area.

The cops are not even confronting the electric rickshaw pullers and are directly hitting their vehicles and damaging their property. The reason for hitting the electric rickshaws is the wrong entry by the rickshaws. In several parts of the city, these rickshaws are banned in India. Traffic Police have banned the entry of slow-moving vehicles like rickshaws to ensure that the roads do not get choked due to the slow speeds. However, the rickshaw pullers and other slow vehicle owners do not pay heed to such bans and enter the roads.

Watch cops intentionally breaking up electric rickshaws for wrong entry [Video]

However, the cops taking such drastic measures to stop the entry of the electric rickshaw is a little bit too much. This incident from Sadar Bazaar Burdwan is similar to how traffic police often treat such rickshaw pullers around India. In the capital of India, Delhi, the Traffic Police often use sharp objects like ice breakers to damage the tyres of the auto-rickshaws and manual rickshaws.

While the three-wheelers like auto-rickshaws can be fined under the Motor Vehicle Act, there are numerous electric rickshaws that ply illegally on the roads without any registration number and cannot be fined by the cops. They can be seized by the police but due to the long procedure involving the seizing and then preserving the vehicle, the cops avoid doing it. However, using harsh methods such as this one sends across a strong message to the rickshaw pullers.

We do feel that this is one of the most inhumane ways to treat any kind of motorist on the road. Everyone including the cops should follow the proper procedures to stop such illegal activities and keep the traffic smooth and flowing.