Cops in Mahindra Scorpio chase a Sand Mafia Tractor: Tractor driver outwits cops [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio has been around for years in the Indian market and it has also become one of the favourite vehicles of the law authorities across the country. The Mahindra Scorpio is officially a part of many law enforcement agencies across India and the cops mostly use it for patrolling. Here is a video that shows how a Mahindra chasing an illegal sand miner on the banks of a river.

The exact location of this incident is not known and is not mentioned but such problems are widespread in the country and there are many states that have to deal with illegal sand miners. The video by Car Point is taken from a distance and shows the police officers in Mahindra Scorpio chasing a John Deere tractor on the banks of the river.

The tractor driver in a bid to escape from the cops chooses to through the most difficult paths that we could find. As the cops try to corner the person driving the tractor and stop him, he takes a quick 360 turn and enters the river.

Even the cops follow the tractor through the river and the water level was quite high. Even the wheels of the Scorpio were fully submerged in the water. Both the tractor and the Scorpio come out of the water on the other side. As the Scorpio was closing on the tractor again, the driver took a 360-degree turn again and went to the opposite side.

The tractor entered the river again

Cops in Mahindra Scorpio chase a Sand Mafia Tractor: Tractor driver outwits cops [Video]

The cops did follow the tractor again. The person driving the tractor did get cramped into a corner but then he entered the river again. This time, the depth of the river was much deeper than the previous spot and the tractor almost turned upside down. Looking at the tractor, the cops did not enter the waterbody again.

As the cops watch the tractor tumble and turn in the water, the cops come out of the Scorpio and watch the tractor going away from them. The amount of tumbling that we saw in the tractor sure is a sign of not entering the spot.

Even the highly capable SUVs would not have been able to tackle this spot without getting help. It seems like the policemen knew about the area and about the spots from where they can enter the river safely.

Mahindra working on an all-new Scorpio

While Mahindra Scorpio is highly popular in the market, the all-new model to replace the current version will be launched soon. Mahindra is testing the all-new Scorpio in different terrains across the country and the new model will be much bigger than the current version. The all-new Scorpio will also get a more powerful engine and it will come loaded with features too. The all-new Scorpio will offer a 4X4 system and both manual and automatic transmission options.