Cops to now BUST mechanics & garages that modify bikes/cars!

The administration and government are all set to come down heavily on car and bike modifiers along with stunts. Apart from them, the Bangalore Traffic Police now has plans to bust and warn several mechanics and garages who are responsible for modifying cars and bikes. In the latest report by The New Indian Express, the local administration seems to be hell-bent to get things in order and hence will track down the source of these modified cars and bikes, that is, those garages and mechanics who are skilled in modifying vehicles.

Cops to now BUST mechanics & garages that modify bikes/cars!

The police have reportedly been receiving complaints about bike stunts as well as drag racings being held around the city. The Supreme Court had already declared modification and customization of vehicles as illegal a couple of months back and since then, cops have been busting modified vehicles across the country. Speaking on the matter of mechanics and garages that modify automobiles, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Harishekaran P., said:

“Come Friday, we will launch a strict enforcement drive to curb drag racing. The traffic police will locate spots where drag races take place and will nab people who participate. Not only riders, but we will also go to different automobile engineering stations, garages, mechanics and those involved in the modification of cars and bikes to warn them,”

The Bangalore Traffic Police has been carrying out special drives to crack down on people popping wheelies and drag racing since some time. Now, the traffic police have decided to further the reach of their actions and hence will not only catch riders but are also will look for mechanics and garages who modify these bikes and cars for drag races. According to the reports, the police plans to get information about such riders from these mechanics and garages. Apart from this, the traffic police will also keep a tab on their social media handles in a lookout for complaints of stunting and drag races being held around the city.

Cops to now BUST mechanics & garages that modify bikes/cars!
Stunts being performed in controlled environments with the rider in basic protective gear.

A senior traffic police officer was quoted as saying in the report that it will be easier for the police to nab people responsible behind all this if people tag them with a picture and a clear registration number. Harishekaran P. added to his previous statement and said that the operation to curb such practices is pretty serious and hence there will be no fines this time. Instead, a case will be booked immediately and the owner will be arrested. He further added:

“All the drag racers will be caught and questioned about other drag racers they know. Though we have seen a comparative decrease in cases from last year, it’s high time we put an end to this,” he added

In the past few months, police across the country have started catching people who stunt with their vehicles on public roads. While it is not wrong to pop a wheelie or burn some rubber while doing burnouts, doing so on open public roads is a punishable offence. This is because performing such stunts in public roads can result in accidents with fellow road users. Therefore, if you want to stunt, take your bike/car to a secluded spot and make sure to be in full riding gears. About the mechanics and garages that prepare modified vehicles, the police have not given a clear statement upon whether they will penalise them too or just leave them after warning.