Cops nab Kawasaki Z900 bike rider & friends for loud aftermarket exhaust [video]

Superbikes with loud exhausts often attract a lot of attention on the road. These motorcycles are expensive and just like the bikes, the accessories are expensive too. Not just public but these bikes also attract cops on duty. One of the reason behind this is the loud exhaust that is installed on such bikes. In most cases, people who own such expensive sports bikes opt for an aftermarket exhaust which is louder than the stock version. Here we have one such video where a Kawasaki Z900 biker & his friends were stopped and fined by cops for loud exhausts.

The video has been uploaded by Dazzle Rider on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger was waiting for his friends after crossing a toll plaza. He was on his Kawasaki Z900 bike. Couple of other friends joined the vlogger in some time and then they all started waiting for another fourth person, who also had a Kawasaki Z900. While the last guy was crossing the toll plaza, he accelerated hard and the aftermarket exhaust installed on the bike produced a loud sound. The biker was excited to see his friends and completely forgot that a senior police official was sitting inside the car at toll plaza.

Unaware of the trouble, the group gathered and started talking about the plans for the day. Suddenly, a Mahindra Scorpio comes and stops in front of them and cops come out from the car. It is only then they realised that the officer sitting inside the Scorpio was the Superintendent of Police and she heard the loud exhaust on his friend’s bike. She informed the nearest station and they soon started inspecting the bikes. The vlogger can be heard saying in the video that the bike was not being ridden rashly and it is a sports bike and that is the reason why it was loud even at low speed. The cops even start the bikes and check how whether the exhausts are loud or not.

Cops nab Kawasaki Z900 bike rider & friends for loud aftermarket exhaust

Soon, a Sub-Inspector from the nearest police station arrives at the plaza. He asks for the documents of the bikes and asks all the bikers including vlogger to ride to the police station. While all this drama was happening, vlogger did make a call to some person to ensure that they don’t get in trouble. They ride to the police station and there the cops tell them that their bikes have loud aftermarket exhausts and that is completely illegal. Biker mentions that he bought it from the dealership only and has paid a good amount for it. He mentioned that this is an accessory sold by the dealership and is not illegal.

After long discussions and inspections, the cops told them that they can simply pay a fine for rash driving and leave. Vlogger thought that as a good deal and paid the fine because the chances of seizing the bikes were pretty high because of aftermarket exhausts. The Sub-Inspector can be heard saying in the video that installing such aftermarket exhausts are illegal and it can get your vehicle impounded. Any type of modification on a bike or a car is completely illegal in India.