Cops nab KTM rider who tried to escape police checking: Bike seized [Video]

Young bikers riding recklessly on the road are not a new phenomenon. We have encountered numerous instances where these bikers have been observed engaging in dangerous riding and performing stunts on public roads. In most cases, the police track down the owners and issue a challan. As we are aware, the majority of roads in the country are equipped with CCTV cameras, which the authorities often utilize as a tool to apprehend offenders. In this instance, we have a video from Kerala depicting a biker evading a police check by riding on the wrong side of the road. The biker was subsequently apprehended by the police.

The video was shared on the YouTube channel of 24 News. The incident took place in Kochi, Kerala. The Motor Vehicle Department was conducting routine vehicle inspections when they encountered a KTM RC biker. The biker was wearing a proper helmet and riding alone. One of the officers signaled for the biker to stop, but he ignored the signal and continued riding. The other officer, who was standing, approached the biker and requested him to stop. For a moment, the biker slowed down and turned the bike towards the officer. Just before the officer reached the bike, the biker swiftly changed direction and rode away.

The police officer began chasing the bike, but the biker quickly rode onto the wrong side of the road, evading the check. The entire incident was captured by the news channel’s camera person, who was present at the location to document the inspection. While attempting to cross to the other side of the road, the biker narrowly avoided colliding with an oncoming Maruti S-Presso. The alert car driver applied the brakes in time, preventing an accident.

Cops nab KTM rider who tried to escape police checking: Bike seized [Video]
Biker escaping police checking

The video clearly shows the biker escaping from the police check. Shortly after leaving the scene, the biker was apprehended by the police at another location in the city. The biker was identified as Ajmal from Kottayam district. Ajmal informed the MVD officers that he was afraid, which was why he fled from them earlier. The officers have not fully believed Ajmal’s account. While the MVD is investigating the matter, the police have filed a case against the rider for reckless riding and violating traffic rules. The bike has also been confiscated, and the Motor Vehicle Department is considering suspending or revoking the rider’s driving license due to his behavior.

This is not the first time we have witnessed such incidents. It is always advisable to cooperate with checks when requested by the police. Most officers in the field possess wireless radios and smartphones. Furthermore, they can even trace the vehicle owner by reviewing the CCTV cameras installed in the area. This enables them to issue a challan directly or retrieve the vehicle from your residence. By refusing to stop when instructed by the police, you only complicate matters for yourself.