Cops seize LOUD Royal Enfield that could be 'heard from 5 Kms'

Cops seize LOUD Royal Enfield that could be ‘heard from 5 Kms’

We are pretty sure that Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles are not called so because of the sound they make. Yet many owners modify the exhaust of their motorcycle with cheap after-market exhausts to make their motorcycles sound like multiple gun shots being fired. We have all heard such modified Royal Enfield motorcycles in our neighbourhood and the experience is not so good for the bystanders. Recently, a Royal Enfield motorcycle was confiscated for being too loud.

What really happened?


In Jalgaon district of Maharashtra, cops seized the modified Royal Enfield Bullet which made extreme sound. The motorcycle belong to Dhananjay Patil, who is a son of local corporator and often rode this Bullet around in the neighbourhood. The cops did not have any device to measure the sound level of the motorcycle but they did say that the motorcycle was loud enough to be heard in a radius of 5 km. Now that is very loud for any vehicle.

How was he caught?

Dhananjay rode the motorcycle past a police station few days back. The loud exhaust note was mistaken as bullets being fired and cops were alerted immediately. When they realised that the sound came from a motorcycle, orders were given to seize the motorcycle. Cops caught the miscreant at the first chance they got.

Why such exhausts are popular with RE motorcycles?

Even though there are many after-market exhausts available for motorcycles from other brand, modifiers particularly love the RE motorcycles. Why? Because the Royal Enfield are powered by distinctive single-cylinder, high displacement engines. The engines are of longer strokes when compared to other motorcycles from same segment.

If the motorcycle is running rich on the fuel-air mixture and the exhaust pipe has been modified to keep the unburnt fuel in the exhaust system, it catches fire creating a huge thump. RE motorcycles are perfect for such modification as most of them are fed from carburettor while few others which have fuel injection do not have oxygen sensor and can be modified easily to run rich.

What does the law say?

The noise limit of automobiles have been enforced by Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules, 2000 and were enforced in 2003 by the law. The noise limit for various automobiles are as follows:

S. No.

Type of vehicle

Noise Limits from 1st January, 2003, dB(A)

Date of implementation






Two wheeler
Displacement upto 80 cm3

Displacement more than 80 cm3 but upto 175 cm3

Displacement more than 175 cm3

75 77


Ist January,2003


Three wheeler
Displacement upto 175 cm3

Displacement more than 175 cm3

77 80

Ist January,2003


Passenger car


Ist January,2003


Passenger or commercial vehicle Gross vehicle weight upto 4 tonne

Gross vehicle weight more than 4 tonne but upto 12 tonne

Gross vehicle weight more than 12 tonne

80 83


Ist July,2003

Video Source: ABP Majha