Cops stop bike for wrong side riding: Angry rider sets bike on fire

Bizarre things can happen on the roads and here is one incident that can surely be put in this category. A man in Hyderabad was caught by the cops for driving on the wrong side. What he did afterwards forced the police to arrest him.

The man was caught on the busy streets of Ameerpet in Hyderabad on Monday evening according to police. The incident happened at the Maitraivnam junction and it led to a brief traffic stoppage too. According to the information by the police, S Ashok, who was riding the motorcycle owns a mobile phone shop in the vicinity. He picked up an argument with the traffic policemen as he was riding in the wrong direction and the traffic police stopped him.

S Ashok went inside the shop to get a bottle of fuel and poured it on his motorcycle and set it on fire. AV Ranganath, the joint commissioner of police (Traffic), said that the motorist was in the wrong direction and was causing inconvenience to the right of way when he was stopped by the police near pillar No. 1053.

Cops stop bike for wrong side riding: Angry rider sets bike on fire

Hyderabad Police is currently doing a drive to remove illegal parking encroachments and imposed a fine of Rs 3.65 lakh on 472 motorists. Post the incident, the police detained the man.

Not the first time

In 2019, when the government approved the new MV Act with increased fine amounts, a man in Delhi set a motorcycle on fire. He received a challan of Rs 25,000 and to avoid paying the fine, he set the bike on fire. After the cops issued the challan, the biker set his Hero Splendor on fire in front of the policemen. The incident happened in Sheikh Sarai, Delhi. According to the police, the bike was stopped during a regular check for documents.

The cops flagged down the rider when he was spotted riding the motorcycle without a helmet. When he stopped, the cops found out that he was in an inebriated state. The rider also could not produce any documents and records for the motorcycle he was riding. The cops issued a challan of Rs 25,000 and asked him to submit it in court.

The rider, who was in a drunken state did not take the incident well. He set the Hero Splendor on fire in front of the police officials present on the spot. The cops immediately called the fire tenders to douse the fire.

Another incident happened in South Delhi after the youth was stopped by Delhi Traffic Police. The cops flagged down the youth, who has been identified as Vikas. The cops spotted the rider without a helmet near the Savitri cinema and asked him to stop. The cops issued a fine receipt to the young rider, who is said to be only 20 years old. Vikas argued with the cops on the spot and when the cops did not listen to him, he poured fuel on the bike and set it on fire. The police have now impounded the motorcycle.

Following the incident, a case was registered against Vikas at C R Park police station. The cops have also arrested the youth who showed anger and stopped the cops from doing their jobs.

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