Cops stop underage rider without license on electric scooter: Confident kid convinces cops [Video]

Underage riding is a widespread and common offence across India. That is why cops keep a close eye on such illegal riders. Andhra Pradesh police caught one such rider. Here is what happened.

The cops flagged down two kids on the scooter, who seem to be very young to be on the public roads. The video is in Telugu but here is a rough translation of the conversation between them. The traffic police officer stopped them because the kids were not wearing a mask and .were riding without a helmet They found out that the kids did not have a driving license or a registration certificate for the vehicle.

The kid then answered back that there is no need for a license or a registration number for an electric scooter. The child also claims that he has a green card to prove the same and the cops cannot issue a challan to them.

The cops ask the kid to park on the shoulder of the road. They verify the documents of the electric two-wheeler and then check the green card too. The cops did not find anything unusual and let the kids go from the spot.

Riding electric scooters in India

Cops stop underage rider without license on electric scooter: Confident kid convinces cops [Video]

With the government promoting electric vehicles in the country, the sales of EV scooters is gaining momentum. To promote sales, the government has made a rule that no registration and helmet is required for electric two-wheelers powered by a 250W or lower motor.

There is also no age restriction on such low-powered scooters and that is why anyone without a license can ride them legally on the roads. However, if there is no requirement for a helmet by the law, it does not mean that one should not wear a helmet.

Helmets save life and we have seen proof of the same in numerous accidents in the past. Helmets keep the head safe from injuries, which otherwise can turn fatal. Even slow-speed accidents that happen at 20-30 km/h can injure someone badly.

This is why even aware cyclists wear helmets, even though it is not required by the law. The Indian public roads are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. One does not get to predict if something or the other will enter the road and that is reason enough to be properly ready for such situations.

Cannot ride ICE-powered two-wheelers

Minors cannot ride use petrol-powered vehicles without a valid driving license though. Yes, one can use the gearless scooters with a specific license that is available for under 16-year-old. However, it is illegal to ride a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine without a valid license. In the past, the cops have even arrested parents of children who are caught doing underage driving in India.