Copy cat cars part-II

We brought you a list of cars that the Chinese manufacturers had blatantly copied while designing their cars some time ago. Looks like there were more were more such cars. Here’s part two of the list.

Laibao SRV vs Honda CR-V

Copy cat cars part-II

The Laibao SRV is China’s Honda CR-V. Some companies take design ideas and try to replicate them, Laibao on the other hand liked the CR-V so much that they decided it was the exact same car that they wanted. So, they began by taking the name, then the whole front-end of the car & then the whole rear end as well. The side profile varies just a little & that’s about it.

Dadi Shuttle vs Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Copy cat cars part-II

Like the SRV, the Shuttle too is a complete copy of the Land Cruiser Prado. The Shuttle has the exact same headlamps & a similar front end design. The tail lamp cluster too is a copy. The only design element having some difference is the side profile, where Dadi couldn’t integrate the design as well as Toyota.

BAIC BJ80 vs Mercedes G Class

Copy cat cars part-II

The Mercedes G Wagon has been around for more than 30 years now. The vehicle is an icon & hasn’t been changed much since it has been unveiled. The Chinese decided that they too wanted to have a such a car in their portfolio. So the BAIC BJ80 was conceived. The BJ80 has the same boxy design & similar styling elements as the G Class. Be it the square head lamp housing with the round lamps or the rectangular tail lamps on the bumper, the car is a complete copy.

BAIC BC301z vs Mercedes B Class

Copy cat cars part-II

The Mercedes B Class itself wasn’t a very successful model. The Chinese for some reason thought that a copy of the B Class would be a good idea & the BAIC BC301Z was born. Though BAIC is one of the Chinese partners of Mercedes Benz, they still decided that they wanted their own model similar to the B Class.

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Image Source: B Class