5 things you must do to keep your car in top shape during the Corona Virus lockdown.

As we all are aware that almost the whole world is under lockdown to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and as for now this is the best we can do against it. Because of this, most of us will not be driving our cars for quite some time now. With the cases rising, the lockdown period may get extended. During the lockdown, your car will stay idle and for a machine, it is not a good thing.

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So, here are 5 things that you must do to keep your car in a top shade during the Coronavirus lockdown:

Conserve the battery

Every car owner knows that the battery gets depleted even if the car is not running. Staying idle for a couple of weeks will surely drain the battery and to prevent it you can do a couple of things. You should start your car once every 3-4 days and let it run for 10-20 minutes, this will help the alternator to kick in and replenish the battery that has been consumed while sitting in idle. If for some reason you cannot start your car in every 3-4 days you can just unplug the negative terminal of your battery. Make sure that you are disinfecting your car and sanitizing your hands while doing so.

Disengage the handbrake

Over a long period of time, using a handbrake can do damage to the discs and brake pads can get jammed. What you can do instead of using the parking brake, is engage your car in a gear. According to the manufacturers, you should use first gear if you are parking on an uphill and use the reverse gear if you are parking on a downhill. Also, remember to use wooden blocks or bricks to prevent the car from rolling over.

Move the car

If your tyres are not properly inflated and the car is not moving for a long period of time, they can develop cracks on the sidewalls and flat spots. You can easily prevent this by moving your car forward and backwards. By doing this you will also be able to keep a check on your tyres if one of them goes flat.

Clean the interior


Before parking your car over the long haul, clean and disinfect the interiors of the car. Remove any leftover such as food items and wrappers as they may attract rodents. Also, if possible, spray some air freshener. This will prevent foul smells from developing and your car will not smell bad when you open up your car, the next time.

Safe parking

You should park your car in a covered parking spot as this will protect your paint from the sun’s heat, bird droppings and leaves. If you do not have a covered parking spot, then you should use a car cover as it will protect your car from the external environment.

These are some of the ways that will keep your car in the best shape while we fight from the coronavirus during the lockdown. And once this is all over do not forget to wash your car. Make sure that you stay inside while the coronavirus stops spreading. Keep washing your hands, practice self-hygiene and do not touch your face.