Coronavirus and your two-wheeler: How to cope

Yesterday we covered the important parts of your car that you must disinfect before going on a drive. Today, we will share some of the precautions that you must take, if it gets necessary for you to go somewhere on the motorcycle.

Coronavirus and your two-wheeler: How to cope

As we know that the coronavirus is spreading through the droplets that are released in the environment when a person sneezes or coughs. These droplets can even land on your vehicle as the vehicles remain parked outside.

What are the precautions that you can take if you have to use your two-wheeler?

Disinfect the touchpoints

Before you get on your two-wheeler, you must disinfect the handlebar, switchgear, grab rail and the fuel tank as these are the parts that you will be touching and using the most.

Use a full-face helmet and a mask

Coronavirus and your two-wheeler: How to cope

You should use a full-face helmet instead of the open face helmets. Because the full-face helmet will cover your whole face where the open face helmets only cover the upper half of the face and your mouth and nose is still contact with the external environment.

Also, you should use a mask that will prevent the dust and the germs from getting in your nostrils or your mouth. If you are uncomfortable with the mask then you can tie your hanky around your face and that will stop the dust and other particles to some extent. Note that the hanky will not be as effective as the mask.

Wear gloves

Coronavirus and your two-wheeler: How to cope

Before riding your two-wheeler make sure that you disinfect your gloves, then wear them and once your ride is over clean your gloves again to make sure that any pathogen is not able to transfer in your home through the gloves. Or you can just use a pair of disposable gloves but make sure that you dispose of them carefully.

Bike cover

Make sure that you cover your bike when parking outside as it will prevent people from unnecessarily touching your two-wheeler. You should also wash or disinfect your cover once you reach home as it will gather some of the germs overtime while being parked outside.

Park under the hot sun

It is not confirmed but parking in the sun may kill the virus as it does other bacteria. Most of the microbes cannot survive the heat of the hot sun. Even if the heat does not kill the coronavirus it will kill other microbes that are on your bike.

These are some of the ways to deal with the coronavirus if you need to use your two-wheeler. However, we highly recommend that you do not get outside of your house as it is not safe and you frequently wash your hands and take care of your personal hygiene.