Coronavirus & your car: How to cope

With the outbreak of coronavirus, it is necessary that we stay inside our homes and wash our hands regularly. Driving in such a scenario is not really recommended. However, in case if you need to take out your car and drive somewhere, there are some precautions that you must take.



Coronavirus & your car: How to cope

You must disinfect your door handles before getting inside and then disinfect all the parts of your car that you need to touch frequently. We covered all of the touchpoints of a car in detail in another story which you can read by clicking “here”.


Coronavirus & your car: How to cope

You should use disposable gloves while driving your car and also encourage your passengers to do so. It is very difficult to disinfect each and every part of your car and it is much easier and safer to just use gloves. Your passengers may also touch various parts of your car that are not necessary are disinfected. So, it is necessary that they also wear gloves. You would have to be careful while disposing of them so that no one else comes in contact with the gloves.

Drive with windows down

According to the World Health Organization, poorly ventilated areas can increase the chance of spreading the disease. So, it is advised that you drive the car with windows down and air conditioning off. This will increase natural ventilation and prevent the spreading of the disease.

Park under the hot sun

Parking under the sun is a natural way of killing the germs. This way is effective in killing most of the bacterias and germs that are present in the car as the microbes cannot survive the heat. This way is not yet proven to work on the coronavirus but at least it will kill other microbes that may cause some other disease.

Keep it fueled up

Coronavirus & your car: How to cope

Make sure that your car more than half a tank of gas. This will make sure that enough gas if an emergency arrives and you have to rush to someplace. When you are returning you should check how much fuel you have left and refill the tank if a petrol pump is nearby.

These are some of the ways that will help you in coping up with the coronavirus. Having said that you should avoid unnecessary driving. It is very important for us that we stay inside our homes and practice self-hygiene and motivate others to do the same. This is the best way to defend ourselves against the disease.