Countries with the world’s best and worst drivers revealed: Japan is best, India is 4th worst

It is a long-known fact that Indian roads are not the safest ones in the world. We get to see thousands of accidents every day on Indian roads and with time, the increasing number of cars simply makes the situation worse. Now a study finds out that India lies in the bottom four when it comes to driving on the roads.

Countries with the world’s best and worst drivers revealed: Japan is best, India is 4th worst

The list compiled is subjective according to the study. It says that since it is difficult to measure driving knowledge, the list has been compiled with traffic awareness, traffic hazards and other trends. These are the elements used by car insurance experts around the world to compare the market. The insurance experts wanted to conclude the best and safest countries to drive to as well as the worst ones.

The list is compiled after looking at a range of factors, including blood alcohol limits, road quality, the status of road safety topics on social media and the number of road deaths. In fact, India stands quite high on the list of road accidents and deaths due to road accidents every year.

Countries with the world’s best and worst drivers revealed: Japan is best, India is 4th worst

According to the list, Japan has the safest drivers in the world. The study has been conducted in over 50 countries. The blood alcohol limit in Japan is 0.03 g/dl, similar to Chile and the Czech Republic. Japan also has the most positive sentiment on social networks when it comes to terms related to driving, which is 33.4%.

Japan also has the fourth highest level of road quality on the list, which means that it is generally a very safe country not only for driving but also for pedestrians. The list shows that the 10 safest countries are in Europe and the Netherlands is the best of the countries in Europe.

Worst car drivers in the world

According to the same list, Thailand has the worst drivers in the world. Thailand has one of the worst traffic situations in the world. A close second is Peru while Lebanon is the third country on the list of worst drivers.

India is fourth on the list of worst driver’s list. India stays low on enforcement and laws. India only scores 2.34 compared to 4.57 points compared to Japan.

National Capital is the worst

While it has become a major concern for people in the entire country, our national capital New Delhi is, unfortunately, leading the list as the most accident-prone city. Studies have revealed that major accidents happen predominantly in larger metropolitan cities.

With New Delhi leading the list, other cities trailing the national capital are Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. While New Delhi has an accident rate of 20.3 per cent, Mumbai comes close to the second position with an accident rate of 18.8 per cent. It is interesting to note that Delhi has a car density of 108 cars per km, which is almost five times less than the car density of Mumbai. The least accident-prone metropolitan city is Bengaluru, which is often mocked for its long-lasting traffic jams.

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