Couple block crane to save their SUV from getting towed [Video]

The roads of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, became the stage of a bizarre incident when a couple, who parked their SUV wrongly on the roadside, created a ruckus in front of a crane which came to tow the vehicle. The said couple claimed that their SUV was wrongly towed away by the crane of the municipal corporation, due to which they protested the move by blocking the way of the crane. However, after the intervention of the traffic police at the spot, the couple accepted the mistake and paid a fine of Rs 1,000.

The entire incident was shown by NBT News in a YouTube video, in which both husband and wife are seen blocking the way of the crane which was towing their Vitara Brezza. The crane driver claimed that the SUV was parked wrongly on the roadside, which was blocking the way of other vehicles. However, DK Gupta, the owner of the vehicle, claimed that his vehicle was parked finely within the lane markings. After the crane towed the SUV, the couple can be seen arguing and shouting at the crane driver in the video.

Carne operator refused to stop

When the crane operator refused to hear their arguments, the couple shockingly tried to obstruct the way of the crane by coming in front of it. The couple even warned the crane driver to drive the crane over them. This whole drama in the middle of a busy road created a heavy traffic jam, seeing which the Traffic Police authorities came to the spot. On confrontation, the vehicle owner said the crane operator was misbehaving with them and threatening them to drive the crane over them.

After hearing the viewpoints of both the parties, the crane operator and the couple, the Traffic Police concluded that it was the couple who was at the fault here. Even the bystanders and people at the spot claimed that it was the couple who was at the fault for wrongly parking the vehicle and falsely stopping the crane operator from performing his duty. The couple had wrongly parked the SUV, for which they had to pay a fine of Rs 1,000.

Recently, several instances of people openly flouting traffic laws are regularly surfacing on the internet. What looks even more shocking is that instead of accepting their mistake, such people at fault try to justify their wrongdoings and blame other people and traffic police for it. To restrict this, a few strict laws and fines seem to be the need of the hour.