Couple fight with cops after stopped for not wearing masks: Man arrested

With the COVID-19 situation getting out of hands all across India, the state governments and authorities are taking steps to curb the spread of the virus. In Delhi, the government had imposed a weekend lockdown for the last weekend, which can be extended as per the situation. A high court order has also made it mandatory for the travellers inside a car to wear masks. However, there are people who are not adhering to the norms. Here is one such video from Delhi posted by the police.

The video is from Daryaganj, New Delhi. A couple travelling in a private car was stopped at a police checkpoint. Both of them were not wearing any mask and that is why the cops waved them to stop. However, the couple started misbehaving with the police officers on duty.

The woman screamed at the police officers when the cops asked them to wear a mask. She also said, “He is my husband, if I want I will kiss him.” Both of them did not have a curfew pass too. Since it was a lockdown in Delhi this weekend, only the essential services were allowed. Anyone else who wanted to go out during the curfew needed prior approval from the authorities and that comes as the “curfew pass”.

After arguing with the couple for a long time, the police took them to the Daryaganj Police station. The man was arrested by the cops in the police station and was booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Pandemic Act. The incident took place at around 4:30 pm according to the police and the cops have shared the video on social media platforms.

Couple fight with cops after stopped for not wearing masks: Man arrested

Not following guidelines

The couple were identified as Pankaj and Abha from Patel Nagar. The incident happened on Sunday when the police check posts were checking if the public is following the guidelines issued by the government. The woman started misbehaving with the cops on duty and she also said “I have cleared UPSC and why should I wear a mask inside the car. Delhi is currently reeling under the rise in the COVID-19 cases just like its neighbouring states.

With a massive spike in the cases, the government and the authorities are taking strict action against anyone who is not following the guidelines issued for reducing the spread. Anyone travelling outside needs to wear a mask, even if they are travelling alone in the vehicle. The mask rule was imposed by a ruling of the High Court recently when several petitioners challenged the challan issued by Delhi Police. They were challenging the issue of fine for not wearing a mask while travelling alone in the car.

The Delhi High Court ruling states that it is mandatory to wear a mask when people are in public places. Since the car is regarded as a public place when it is on public roads, the occupants inside the vehicle required to wear a mask.