Couple gets 5 litres of petrol as ‘wedding gift’

The rising price of fuel in India has created unrest among the common people. With the skyrocketing prices, there are many commoners who are angry with the regular price hikes on fuel in India. In an unexpected situation, a couple in Tamil Nadu has received 5 litres of petrol as a wedding gift.

The unusual gift came as a surprise when the newly wedded couple were greeting the guests on the stage. With the fuel prices breaking all the previous records, it sure is an innovative gift. The couple received the gift from a group of groom’s friends. It was such an unexpected gift that everyone burst into laughter after seeing the gift being handed out to them.

The couple can be seen refusing the gift at first, thinking that it was some kind of a joke. A video clip from the function shows the whole incident. The same clip has become viral on various social media platforms too. The groom is an auto-rickshaw driver and the fuel received as the gift will surely help him.

Fuel prices have been rising continuously for a long time in the country now. In Tamil Nadu, the price of petrol is now Rs. 85.15/litre, which is lower than many states like Maharashtra, where petrol is retailing at Rs. 89.44/litre, which is an all-time high figure. The fuel price is expected to rise even further in the coming days. The friends who gifted the fuel said that the price of the fuel is so high that it can be used as a reliable and useful gift.

Couple gets 5 litres of petrol as ‘wedding gift’

From the beginning of this calendar year, fuel price has shot up rapidly. In Delhi, the price of petrol has gone up by 15% to reach Rs. 82.06/litre from Rs. 69.97 on January 1, 2018. The diesel price has seen a steeper hike of 22% and it now retails at Rs. 73.78/litre up from Rs. 59.7/litre. Fuel prices are not expected to come down anytime soon.


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