Couple on moving bike romance on public road: Traffic cops take action [Video]

couple romancing on moving motorcycle

Public roads are not a place for stunts or public displays of affection. Numerous videos and images have surfaced online, showing people disregarding safety by performing stunts on the roads. Police departments in nearly every Indian city have taken this issue seriously and have taken action against some offenders. Recently, a video from Jaipur, Rajasthan, has gone viral on the internet, depicting a couple engaged in romantic activities while riding a motorcycle.

The video was shared by Rajni Singh on X, formerly known as Twitter. It remains unclear whether the person who posted the video recorded it. The short video was captured by another road user who was trailing closely behind the motorcyclist. In the video, we can see a couple on a motorcycle navigating the busy city streets of Jaipur. However, there is something quite unusual about their behavior.

The person riding the motorcycle is not facing forward; instead, he is deeply engrossed in kissing the girl seated behind him. The biker has turned his head completely around to kiss the girl. The video makes it evident that the rider was entirely distracted due to his romantic activity. Shortly after the video was posted, it went viral, prompting many people to request that traffic police take action against them. The biker undeniably posed a risk to other road users, and the public was justified in calling on the authorities to take action.

Couple on moving bike romance on public road: Traffic cops take action [Video]
Biker romancing while riding

It appears that local police also came across the video. According to reports, a senior police officer has confirmed that they have identified the rider’s details using the motorcycle’s registration number. The department has already taken legal action against the offender under the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. The precise details of the couple and the actions taken against them are not yet known. This incident clearly constitutes a traffic violation, and the motorcycle rider was unquestionably endangering not only his life but also the lives of other road users. The likelihood of him colliding with another vehicle or a pedestrian was quite high. Moreover, neither the rider nor the pillion passenger was wearing helmets, further increasing the risk. Fortunately, nothing like that occurred in this case. The motorcycle seen in the video appears to be a Honda Livo.

This is not the first time such incidents have been reported in India. A few months ago, a similar incident occurred in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The incident took place on NH9, which connects Delhi and Meerut. In this case, the biker had a girl riding not on the pillion seat but on the bike’s tank. The girl was facing the rider and hugging him tightly. The video of this incident was also shared online, and the Uttar Pradesh police responded promptly. The biker was fined Rs 21,000 for multiple offenses. We assume that the rider from Jaipur will also receive a similar fine.