Couple romance on moving Kia Seltos SUV: Video goes viral

kia seltos couple sunroof romance hyderabad

In the past, we have seen several examples where people have been observed performing stunts on moving cars or bikes. It is completely illegal. Standing out of the electric sunroof of a vehicle has become a trend among youngsters and children. This is again illegal, and the police have even issued fines against some in the past for the same. Here, we have a video of a couple from Hyderabad who took things to the next level and were seen romancing on top of a moving Kia Seltos.

The video has been shared by Roads of Mumbai on X (formerly Twitter). In this video, we can see a couple standing out of the sunroof of a Kia Seltos SUV. The registration number of the car is clearly visible in the video. The couple is seen romancing while standing out of the sunroof and clearly seen kissing each other. The video was recorded by another person who was driving behind the Seltos. The video doesn’t mention the exact location where this was recorded.

All this is being done on public roads. It is extremely dangerous, and the chances of the couple falling on the road are pretty high. It should be noted that there are other vehicles on the road, and the couple is actually creating a distraction for other road users or drivers. If the driver of the Kia Seltos applies sudden brakes, both of them would fall off the vehicle and injure themselves.

Couple romance on moving Kia Seltos SUV: Video goes viral
Couple romancing on Seltos

This is not the first time we have come across a case like this. A few weeks ago, a couple on a moving bike was seen romancing on a public road in Jaipur. Similarly, a couple was seen romancing on the Delhi-Meerut expressway a few months ago. The police took action against the bike in the second case. We are not sure if the police have acted or responded to this matter or not. Sunroofs on cars are now a very common feature. A decade ago, this was something that was only offered by expensive car manufacturers. Sunroofs were considered a premium feature. Many people who misuse the sunroof do not exactly know how it should be used.

Sunroofs are primarily designed to facilitate air circulation in vehicles. Keeping the windows open while driving at high speeds can lead to direct airflow into the eyes, potentially causing issues. On the other hand, sunroofs are designed to recirculate the air within the vehicle without significant wind disturbance. Standing out of the sunroof or any window of a moving vehicle is considered a stunt on public roads and is strictly prohibited by law. In fact, all passengers in India are required to wear seatbelts while the car is in motion. If any individual is found doing such stunts, the police can issue fines against the offenders.

The video of the couple romancing has gone viral, and below the video, we have several comments from users who are furious about this behavior. One user said, “Taking one’s head out of the sunroof should be made illegal.” Another person wrote, “That’s why TOYOTA doesn’t offer a sunroof option.” He is probably not aware of the fact that the Innova Hycross now comes with a panoramic sunroof. So does the Toyota Hyryder.