Couple seen romancing on moving bike in Uttar Pradesh: Fined Rs 21,000 by cops [Video]

Public roads are not the place for performing stunts, as we have repeatedly emphasized in our articles. Performing stunts on public roads is completely illegal, and nowadays, law enforcement officers have all the necessary tools to track down such offenders and issue a fine. A recent incident was reported from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, where a biker was fined Rs 21,000 for engaging in romantic activities while riding a bike. The video of the biker surfaced online, leading the police to take action against the offender.

The video was recorded and shared on Twitter by a user named Akash Kumar. The video indicates that the incident took place on NH 9 in Ghaziabad, which connects Delhi and Meerut. The bike featured in the video appears to be a Honda CBR. The rider is accompanied by a girl who is not sitting on the backseat but rather on the fuel tank of the motorcycle, facing the rider and hugging him tightly. The rider maintains a decent speed, but it is evident that neither the rider nor the pillion is wearing a helmet.

The video was captured by another individual in a car who was also traveling on the same highway. The video, which lasts for over a minute, clearly shows the rider and his partner recklessly riding on a public road, engaging in a public display of affection (PDA). The video quickly went viral after being shared online. The Twitter user had tagged the UP Traffic Police and Ghaziabad Traffic Police. The concerned authorities came across the video and took action against the rider.

They successfully traced the owner of the motorcycle and issued him a challan of Rs 21,000 for multiple offenses. The first offense was the failure of both the rider and the pillion to wear riding helmets, resulting in a Rs 1,000 fine. Additionally, the police noticed that the motorcycle had an improper number plate. According to regulations, all vehicles on the road must have high-security registration plates (HSRP). As a result, the motorcycle received another fine of Rs 5,000.

When the authorities checked the motorcycle’s registration number online, they discovered that the Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate was either missing or expired. This violation warranted a Rs 10,000 challan. Finally, the rider was issued an additional Rs 5,000 challan for engaging in racing, trials, or performing stunts on public roads without permission.

Couple seen romancing on moving bike in Uttar Pradesh: Fined Rs 21,000 by cops [Video]
Couple romancing on moving bike

Engaging in such stunts on public roads is completely illegal and dangerous. As evident in the video, neither the rider nor his partner were wearing any safety gear. There were other road users present at the time of the incident. If the biker had accidentally crashed into another vehicle, serious injuries could have occurred. Such actions often inconvenience other road users and can serve as a distraction. If you wish to perform stunts on your bike or car, we kindly request that you do so on private property or a designated race track.