Couple take bath while riding scooter: Police to take action [Video]

In this age of free internet and social media influencers, bizarre incidents are becoming a common sight. In the past, we saw a bout of people using the hot surface of their two-wheeler’s seats and even hot tarmac on sunny days to cook food including omelettes, here is one incident that is truly bizarre. A couple was spotted taking a bath on a moving scooter in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra.

The incident that happened in the middle of the road and is recorded by a fellow motorist shows a couple on a scooter. They are not wearing any helmets and there is a bucket kept between them. The lady pillion rider takes a mug and pours water on herself and the rider in front. The video even shows them pouring water on themselves while the scooter is moving.

The onlookers see both of them in shock and awe as they continue their stunts uninterrupted. However, many have tagged police in the same tweet asking for action. Even the police have replied saying that they have forwarded the request to the relevant station for action. However, there is no update on the same.

Couple take bath while riding scooter: Police to take action [Video]

There are several charges that the police have put against this couple. They are not even wearing a helmet. However, it might take the cops a few days to identify and issue a challan.

Stunting on public roads

India holds one of the highest records of road accidents globally, with a particularly alarming rate of fatal accidents. The main cause of such tragedies is often reckless driving and a failure to adhere to traffic regulations. To address this issue, surveillance measures have been implemented with the aim of reducing the number of individuals engaging in dangerous manoeuvres on public roads.

It is crucial to recognize that performing stunts on public roads is not only illegal but also poses a significant threat to the safety of oneself and others. Violators can face severe penalties, including imprisonment and substantial fines. If individuals wish to practice stunting or record videos, it is advisable to do so in controlled environments like private race tracks or designated areas such as farmhouses. It is essential to bear in mind that engaging in such stunts is extremely perilous.

In metropolitan cities, a comprehensive network of CCTV cameras is now in place, which is closely monitored by a dedicated team of police personnel. These cameras assist in identifying traffic violations by tracking the registration numbers of vehicles. However, it has been observed that incorrect online challans are sometimes issued due to faulty or inaccurate number plates. In such cases, individuals have the option to challenge these erroneous challans through the traffic police’s redressal portal.

To promote road safety and deter violations, the government and authorities have recently implemented increased fines for traffic violations. The objective behind these higher penalties is to discourage individuals from flouting traffic rules and to ultimately create safer roads for all users.