Couple on Yamaha R15 cut off Suzuki Hayabusa rider: Major argument ensues

Indian roads are full of people who ride rashly and pay little to no respect for the laws and lane discipline. While it is a common sight on the roads and you can just look out to see it happening right now, here is a video where a Suzuki Hayabusa rider stopped a Yamaha YZF-R15 rider after he overtook rashly.

The video is from the footage of the helmet-mounted camera of the rider of the Hayabusa. It shows a couple on Yamaha YZF-R15 who overtook the Hayabusa from extremely close proximity on video. The guy riding the R15 even looked back and kept on riding. The rider of the Hayabusa got quite angry with the way he was behaving on the road. He sped up and asked the R15 rider to stop on the side.

The Yamaha rider first refused to stop but finally comes to halt after the person on Hayabusa kept on pushing him to the side walk. The first thing that Hayabusa rider did after stopping is to take out the key of the Yamaha R15. You should note that both of the riders on R15 are not wearing any helmet. As soon as the Hayabusa rider took out the key, the couple started shouting and asking why did he take out the keys.

After some argument where the Hayabusa rider said that he will call the cops. That’s when the pillion rider started saying that she will also call and ask for help. However, the guy who was handling the R15 came near to the Hayabusa rider and told him that he did a mistake. He said that since a female friend was riding with him, he became quite excited and overtook him like that.

The couple apologized

Couple on Yamaha R15 cut off Suzuki Hayabusa rider: Major argument ensues

After a few minutes of the altercation, the couple finally apologised and said that they did a mistake. The pillion rider kept on saying that only humans make mistake and they have made a mistake too and they are sorry for the same. In the end, the Hayabusa rider gives the key of the bike back to the rider and they get out of the spot.

Such incidents where other bikes or even cars come to close proximity is extremely common in India. However, most of us ignore the same due to road rage and hold up. However, the Hayabusa rider showed them that they did wrong and they should be more careful while riding. If you have a helmet-mounted camera and something like this happens with you, the best way to deal with such problems is to make a police complaint. The cops will take appropriate action. It is best to stay away from road rage as it can escalate quite quickly and can cause more harm than good. It is always advised to not get into arguments with any other motorists on the road and always take the help of the authorities.