Fines worth Rs. 3.18 Crore imposed in Delhi for violation of COVID-19 rules

On Tuesday official data about the number of challans was released by MVD or Motor Vehicle Division. The data says that over 18,500 challans were issued that were worth Rs. 3.18 Crores was imposed in Delhi alone. The data is compiled for the last five days and the challans were issued for breaking the COVID-19 protocols.

Fines worth Rs. 3.18 Crore imposed in Delhi for violation of COVID-19 rules

Most of the challans were issued in the North Delhi district and the least challans were issued in the East Delhi area. The Delhi Disaster Management had ordered that there will be no public celebrations in Delhi on Holi i.e. March 29th.

Still, a lot of people did not take the rules seriously and ended up getting serious fines. On March 29th, 2,758 challans were issued, on March 28th, there were 3,834 challans, on 27th, 4,034 challans were imposed, 3,877 challans were issued on 26th whereas on 25th 4,018 were imposed.

Fines worth Rs. 3.18 Crore imposed in Delhi for violation of COVID-19 rules

Every district has shared the number of challans that they issued. The central district issued 1,413 challans, New Delhi district issued 2,577 challans, 941 challans were issued by North East district whereas 1,209 challans were issued by North West district. Then there is the South district that issued 1,413 challans, South East district issued 1,489, 1,961 challans were issued by South West district, 1,913 challans were imposed by Shahadra district, 809 challans by East district and 1,559 challans by West district.

The restrictions were imposed because of the increasing number of covid cases in our country. 1,904 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded on Monday which is the highest in the past three and a half months. However, Satyender Jain, Health Minister said that there will be no lockdown in Delhi because there are enough hospital beds available for the coronavirus patients. The number of coronavirus cases is increasing in the whole country and not only in Delhi.

Earlier, 43 people from Hyderabad were sent to jail for drunk driving. The incident took place in Hyderabad where licenses were cancelled by 43 people. However, shocking thing is that the total number of drunk cases was 139. All the people were presented before a court which imposed a total fine of Rs. 7 lakhs.

Fines worth Rs. 3.18 Crore imposed in Delhi for violation of COVID-19 rules

Police said that around 70 cases were from Shamshabad, 29 cases from Shadnagar, 21 people from Kukatpally and 19 people from Miyapur. The laws are now more strict than ever. Traffic police have started suspending the licenses. However, the duration for the licenses for suspension has not been disclosed.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is very dangerous as the driver’s ability to judge the road and traffic is compromised. The traffic police are not using alcoholmeter due to covid cases. They are using old techniques like talking to the drivers, taking them to the hospital for blood tests etc.

A similar rule has been passed in Telangana where the cops are allowed to cancel the license on the spot if you are caught under the influence of drinking and driving. Currently, the traffic police send the violators to jail, issue court challans or even cancel their driving license. But still, the number of case of drunk and driving is not going down. The authorities are working on making stricter rules so that people start following the rules.