Crash of the year: When Asli crashes into Nakli

While Land Rover hasn’t yet successfully sued Chinese automaker’s Land Wind for copying the Evoque’s design, some Evoque owner in China seems to have gotten the first shot at revenge. Well, a Range Rover Evoque just crashed into its lookalike, the Land Wind X7. The crash left both cars partially damaged. The incident happened in the Chinese city of Chongqing and no injuries were reported. This accident gives us perspective about how similar the Land Wind X7 looks when compared with the Range Rover Evoque. Here take a look for yourself.

Range Rover Evoque vs Landwind X7 1

Range Rover Evoque vs Landwind X7 3 Range Rover Evoque vs Landwind X7 4 Range Rover Evoque vs Landwind X7 2

Meanwhile, here are some interesting facts about the SUVs:

  1. Tata Motors owned Jaguar-Land Rover is suing Land Wind for copying the Evoque’s design. However, a Beijing court has held patents of both Land Rover and Land Wind as illegal. Jaguar-Land Rover has said that it’ll appeal this decision.
  2. The Land Wind X7 is outselling the Range Rover Evoque in China. Why? It’s priced at one third the price of the Evoque (448,000 yuan [$68,000]), at 129,000 yuan ($19,600).
  3. The Land Wind X7 is longer (4,420 mm vs 4,365 mm), wider (mm vs mm) lighter (1,775 Kgs vs 1,850 Kgs) and has a larger wheelbase ( 2,670 mm vs 2,660 mm) than the Evoque, but is slightly shorter (1,910 mm vs 1,900 mm).
  4. The X7 uses a 2 liter turbo petrol engine (190 Bhp-250 Nm) from Mitsubishi while the Evoque uses a similar motor from Ford but with more power and torque (240 Bhp-340 Nm). The X7 has an 8 speed automatic gearbox while the Evoque has a 9 speed automatic.
  5. Land Rover was previously owned by Ford, who is also a joint venture partner of Land Wind’s Chinese joint owners, Jiangling Motors and Chang’an Motors.

Via CarNewsChina