Crashed Mahindra Scorpio restored to brand new condition: This is how it’s done (Video)

mahindra scorpio accident restoration

Whenever an accident involving a vehicle occurs, the fate of the vehicle is dependent upon the extent of damage incurred. If a vehicle is damaged extremely badly and it does not make financial sense for the insurance company or the owner to repair it, the car is mostly deemed as a total loss. However, if the damage looks extreme but can be economically repaired, the insurance company generally pays out. Here is a prime example of one such Mahindra Scorpio that was repaired with perfection after it suffered a horrific crash.

Mahindra Scorpio Repaired with Perfection

The video of this restoration and repair of an old Mahindra Scorpio has been shared on YouTube by Brotomotiv on their channel. The shop is known for its expertise in painting, detailing, and repairing cars, and its shop is located in Pune. The presenter in this video reveals that this crashed Scorpio has come to their shop for repair. He states that it will be hard for them to source genuine parts from Mahindra, as it is an older generation of the Scorpio. He adds that the cost of this repair will be paid out by the insurance company.

Insurance Types

Following the introduction, the presenter explains that there are three types of insurance. In general, there are many types of insurance, but here the presenter explains that the first is zero depreciation insurance. In this, the company pays for all the parts, including metal as well as plastic, in case of an accident. He then adds that when the vehicle becomes older, the insurance then switches into comprehensive. In this, the insurer pays a major chunk of the repair bill; however, some amount has to be paid by the customer.

What is IDV Value?

He then adds that whether the car has to be repaired or not or it has to be deemed as a total loss is dependent upon the surveyor. After this, he also explains another important term which is IDV – insured declared value. This can be termed as the current value of the car, and in case of total loss, this is the amount that is paid to the customer by the company.

Crashed Mahindra Scorpio restored to brand new condition: This is how it’s done (Video)

He elaborates that if the IDV value is more than the cost of repair, the car gets repaired. Otherwise, it is deemed as a total loss, and the IDV value is credited to the customer. In this case, the IDV value was Rs 4.25 lakh, and the cost of repair was Rs 1.8 lakh. So the company chose to repair it, and the owner paid extra for a full paint job to make the car brand new.

Repair Job Done on this Scorpio

Following the explanation of the situation, the video shows how the technicians at the shop started the repair job on this Scorpio. In the video, it can be seen that first, all of the broken parts of the car get removed, including the grille, headlight, bumper, fenders, and wiring harnesses. Next up, the technicians remove the engine of the vehicle to make room for repair and easy accessibility. Next up, the presenter mentions that as the chassis of the SUV was bent, they had to realign it.

Crashed Mahindra Scorpio restored to brand new condition: This is how it’s done (Video)

For this, he explained that the tools to pull cost upwards of Rs 10 lakh, but they managed to make a custom hydraulic machine for a fraction of the cost. After this, they start pulling the frame and chassis by applying heat and hydraulic pressure. Next up, they start fitting the new tie member, fender support, and other structural components and test fit the new headlights, grille, and bumper. After test-fitting, the repaired and welded parts get primer and a base white coat, and finally, they reinstall the engine in the car.

Complete Paint Job

Crashed Mahindra Scorpio restored to brand new condition: This is how it’s done (Video)

After the completion of the mechanical and structural repair, the car gets sent for a full paint job. The car gets completely sanded down, and all the dents and dings get removed. After this, the car gets a coat of primer, and it then gets a brand new pearl white paint job. Finally, the car gets reassembled, and the final car is shown with a series of beauty shots. It can be noted that the repair job and paint job both came out absolutely phenomenal.