Crazy Car Accident In Punjab – What Actually Happened Here

Momentum equals mass times velocity and a 20 ton truck, even while moving at 40 Kph represents a hell lot of momentum. Now, when a truck hits a stationary car at some speed, the results are devastating. A car usually just crumples like a piece of cardboard and on most occasions, you’d be thinking that everyone in the car end up dead. This isn’t usually how it pans out in the real world, the world of crumple zones, airbags and seat belts. To illustrate, here’s a crazy car accident from Punjab. So, what actually happened here?

Crazy Car Accident In Punjab – What Actually Happened Here

According to information filtering in from eye witness accounts, the truck rear ended the Nissan Sunny and the Toyota Innova, both of which were stationary. The force of the impact was partly borne by the Nissan Sunny, which moved ahead and hit the Innova. The massive momentum of the truck was such that the Sunny hit the Innova from behind, lifting the MPV and going straight under it before coming to rest. We’re happy to report that all the people involved in this accidents have survived, without serious injuries.

So, what protects? Firstly, notice the Sunny sedan, which has a large boot, now resembling a hatchback. What this means is, the crumple zone of the car has taken a large part of the force from the truck. The same is the case with the front of the Sunny, which also has a large crumple zone encompassing the bumper and bonnet. This crumple zone has also taken the large impact, leaving the passenger shell intact. The A-Pillar of the Sunny, a vital component that adds strength to the car’s passenger cabin, also seems to have taken the impact quite well.


This is one more reason why the structure of the car’s body should not be tampered with. Adding a bull bar may have prevented small scratches on the bonnet but in case of this huge shunt, the crumple zone of the Nissan Sunny would have been severely compromised. Similarly, adding an after market sun roof is likely compromise the strength of the roof. Again, that’s not good in the event of an accident. On the whole, the Nissan Sunny seems to have done an admirable job at protecting its occupants in a crash that could have certainly claimed a life or two.

Another key safety feature is the seatbelt. Seatbelts have to be worn as soon as you get into the car. It’s important as not wearing a seat belt can cause grevious in case of an accidents. Seat belts hold a person in place during an accident, preventing the person from being violently thrown around. Take this crash for example. Without seat belts on, the occupants of the Innova and the Sunny would have sustained severe injuries. So, always be belted up if you’re in your car, and this applies to a stationary car too.