Crazy Maruti Swift driver does not want to pay toll; Drives away with barricade [VIDEO]

Indian roads are full of surprises and we often see weird and funny incidents in real life or on video. Here is one more such video from Mumbai that shows something hilarious. The video has been shot just after the Vashi toll and it shows a Maruti Swift zooming away with a barricade stuck to its front.

What is happening here?

The video surfaced online and has already become viral. It shows an older generation Maruti Swift on the road with a bright yellow coloured plastic barrier, attached to the front of the car. According to the information available, the car did not pay the toll and drove through the barricaded lane with the blockade. It is not known how far from the toll this incident was captured but it seems that the Swift is still trying to get away and did not want to stop to remove the barrier.

Some may say that the barrier may not be visible to the driver but it is not the case. The Swift hatchback offers good visibility unlike the SUVs, who may have missed the bright roadblock. Also, the height of the barrier is more than that of the Swift’s bonnet and that should give the driver a clear view of what is happening in the front of the car.

Usually, such plastic barriers are filled with water or sand to make them heavier and help them to absorb any impact. But this one seems to be empty. Such barricades are made to make them easier to transport from one place to another as they are quite light when empty. There seems to be no damage done to the Swift’s front as the empty barrier is also very flexible. However, if he continues to drive with the barrier in front, it may get stuck on a rough road or a speed breaker and slip under the vehicle. The barricade under the vehicle will not be a pretty scene and it will definitely damage the bumper and maybe some underbody parts too.

Too common in India

Arguments with toll booth attendants over payment are a pretty common sight in India. Especially people in powerful positions and goons threaten the toll operators in a bid to save the toll amount. There have been many incidents in the past where the toll operators have been involved in scuffles or even killed while arguing about the toll payment.

Paying the tolls help the government maintain facilities like washrooms on the highway and also repair the roads, although there are many cases where the toll booths and the roads are not maintained properly. Commuters do get frustrated sometimes and get into arguments. But driving away with the barricade is a wrong way of dealing with the problem. It is not known if the person was caught later, but it is illegal and if caught, he would have to pay a hefty fine.