Crazy moment when a car meets ‘speeding’ bullock carts in the middle of a highway [Video]

Illegal cart racing in India is quite common in Tier-II, Tier-III cities and villages in India. Often we see the infamous viral posts of the horse carts racing illegally in Mumbai and Pune. Such races keep on happening all over the country and this video shows why they are illegal and should not happen on the public roads.

Just like the horse cart racing, in Belgaum, Bull cart racing is quite popular. There are festivals of Bull cart racing in the city and many people do it openly on the public roads too. This video, which is now becoming viral on the Internet shows the dangers of such uncontrolled racing on the roads.

The video shows a narrow bridge in Belgaum and has been shot from inside the vehicle. The co-driver, who was shooting the video kept on recording all through it. The incident happened on a bridge due to the limited availability of space.

Crazy moment when a car meets ‘speeding’ bullock carts in the middle of a highway [Video]

In the video, it can be seen that a bullock cart passed at high speed in the opposite direction. The video then shows a bullock cart trying to overtake another cart on the bridge is riding at a high speed in the wrong direction on the bridge. The vehicle stopped after spotting the bullock cart and expected it to stop on the way. However, the person who was controlling the bulls could not turn away the bull from the course in time or bring the animals to stall before the car. The head-on collision between the bullock cart and the cart happened in the video and it caused major damage of cracking the windshield completely.

The person with the leash to the bull cart can be seen really struggling to keep the bulls in control. Animals can be extremely unpredictable and that is why it is extremely difficult to keep them in control. In the past, there have been many incidences involving such carts on the roads. Recently, a video of a horse car running uncontrollably on the roads surfaced and there was no one on the cart to control the horses.

Such cart racing is illegal in India and the culprits can face jail time for getting involved in such activities. Even though such animal-powered carts are quite common on the Indian roads, it should be noted that they do not fall under the laws of MV Act and hence, the traffic police cannot issue a fine to them for now following the road rules. Often such animal carts can be spotted going on the wrong direction of the road paying no regard to the traffic rules. Also, these carts do not have any kind of reflectors on them so it is a huge challenge to spot them in dark, especially on the highways.