5 CRAZY things Indians have done with Mahindra Jeeps

Jeeps are a special kind of vehicles that look different, drive different and have a different set of fanbase altogether. The Mahindra Jeeps have been around in India for a long time now. They were manufactured by Mahindra under license from Willy’s, USA and they still hold a special place in the hearts of the Indians. There are many examples of the Mahindra Jeeps doing crazy things and a few of them have been modified extremely well and are well-kept. Here are five crazy things, people have done with the Mahindra Jeep.

Rat rod conversion

Rat rods are not as popular in India as they are in Western countries. However, here is a rat rod that gets an old Willys platform and Bolero chassis fused with some of the Gypsy parts. The slammed ride is owned by Shaharyar Ahmed Siddiqui and looks quite extreme. The vehicle gets powered by a 2JZ 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder engine from 1986 Toyota Supra. This rat rod rides on massive 33-inch Geolander tyres that are wrapped on regular Bolero rims.

Six-wheel mania

5 CRAZY things Indians have done with Mahindra Jeeps

Mercedes Benz G63 6X6 is something that is known all over the world. In India, Grizzly Customs, Pune-based garage transformed a Mahindra Jeep into a bonkers 6-wheeled vehicle. It is based on the Mahindra Thar and it gets four wheels on the rear axle. The inspiration comes from the trucks that tow heavy load and use a similar set-up. The vehicle is agiler and can carry up to a 1,000 kg of weight!

5 CRAZY things Indians have done with Mahindra Jeeps

Canal crossing

Now, crossing a canal with a regular vehicle is quite a task. The steep slippery walls of the canal throw big challenges to the vehicles. However, this video shows how easily can a Mahindra jeep reach the top of the canal without much of a problem. The video shows the vehicle’s capability as it comes down from one side of the canal and climbs the opposite side. The Mahindra Thar can be seen stuck in the canal for a short while before it majestically takes over control and slides out of the canal.


Here is a tractor that is deeply stuck in a slush. The attached trailer is making things worse for the tractor. While many would have expected an excavator to rescue the tractor, here is a humble Mahindra Thar CRDe that is doing the job. The Mahindra Thar can tow up to 750 kg as per specifications and with the 250 Nm of raw torque output, it can just pull out almost anything.

Going up the stairs

While we have seen so many videos of vehicles coming down the stairs, here is a video of the Mahindra MM550 that can be seen going up the stairs in Kerala. There are quite a few challenges when going up the stairs like ground clearance, approach angle, departure angle and what not. However, this vehicle did pretty good to reach the top without a problem.

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