5 CRAZY things people have done with superbikes in India [Video]

There is no doubt that there is an aura surrounding the superbikes in India. Due to the expensive price tags, superbikes remain out of reach for many buyers in India. This is why many others put extra focus on superbike owners. Well, the number of superbikes have increased by a lot in recent times. Superbikes are really powerful and can accelerate quicker than many supercars. With so much power at disposal, there are a few who do some crazy riding and other crazy stuff with superbikes in India. Here is a list of five such crazy actions by the super bikers in India.

Racing on highways

Most automobile enthusiasts and owners idealise movies like Fast and Furious, Drive, Gone in 60 seconds and try to replicate the stunts on the roads. Racing on the public roads can be extremely dangerous and can turn into an accident. However, there are still many who race on the highways. Here is a video that a BMW M3 speeding through the highway traffic. A group of superbike owners follow the performance car and starts racing against it. A rider on Kawasaki ZX10R signals that he is going to race against the BMW and the video shows the dangerous riding of the person. It sure looks thrilling but riding or driving like this on the public roads is dangerous and illegal.

300 km/h on public roads

None of the Indian public roads has a speed limit above 120 km/h. However, there are many videos that show superbikers hitting the electronically limited speed of 300 km/h on the public roads in India. Most of the Indian roads are not developed enough to support such high-speed runs. There was a similar case in Bangalore, Karnataka where a rider posted a video of doing 300 km/h on a flyover. The cops seized his bike soon after the video went viral.

Superbike to Spiti/Ladakh

Spiti and Ladakh located in the upper Himalayas are a major tourist attraction and thousands of tourists take the journey through broken roads of the region. Taking powerful motorcycles on such treacherous roads can be extremely dangerous. Superbikes are extremely heavy and are very powerful. One wrong move can make the bike out of control. Here is a Suzuki Hayabusa, which went through the Ladakh trip. The experience is exhilarating but dangerous.

Using superbike as Uber

In India, private vehicles cannot be used as shared vehicles due to the laws. However, many countries allow that and because of that, there are many expensive options that people may get when they book Uber. Well, here is a commuter who booked humble Uber Moto and a Suzuki Hayabusa with aftermarket exhaust came to pick him up. The rider feels it is a prank at first but eventually he sits on the bike and enjoys the ride.

Making popcorn with superbike

Making popcorn with a superbike? Well, that can turn out to be a pretty expensive popcorn machine. The superbike exhaust can become extremely hot and here is a Suzuki Hayabusa owner who used the exhaust to prepare the popcorns. And it did work.