5 CRAZY things people have done with superbikes in India [Video]

Hayabusa Ladakh Featured

Superbikes have been glamourized with the evolving social media accounts of bikers. It looks thrilling and everyone wants to be one of them. Thanks to the big manufacturers have made it much more affordable than before. Along with this, the second-hand superbike market is booming and with that buyers can get their dream bikes for half or lesser than the original cost of the bike. Obviously, with great power, comes great responsibility, but most of them forget the second part of that sentence. Here are five such instances where things are not handled responsibly.

Street Racing on Highways

All the bikers have idealized movies like Fast and Furious and some of them tried to replicate it without the right resources and supervision. The video shows a BMW M3 sports is speeding on the highway through thick traffic with a mix of cars, trucks and bikes. It eventually gets tracked down by a group of bikers, out of which one of them is on a Kawasaki ZX10R and signals, that he’s going to race the BMW M3. Consequentially, it shows the dangerous side of biking through sudden braking, wild swerving and sudden bursts of acceleration. It could very well cause accidents which could lead to major injuries for the rider and others on the road with him.

Hitting 300 Kmph on Indian Roads

There are ways to satisfy your adrenaline rush of owning a superbike by risking your own and others lives. Even though there’s a lot of improvement in the infrastructure and quality of Indian roads compared to International roads but still they are not the ideal roads where you could exhaust the potential of your superbike. Please hit any of the local tracks or any other closed section if you really want to hit an abnormally high speed on your bike. Doing 300 km/h on main roads and open highways can not only be dangerous but is also illegal.

Taking Superbikes to Ladakh/Spiti

Every true biker or an automobile enthusiast dreams of taking that road trip to Leh-Ladakh. People forget to look beyond the picturesque views to actually the road quality they are going to ride or drive on. It’s one of the toughest circuits in the country. Generally, people take their SUVs/MPV and also the Royal Enfields for their trip to Ladakh. A few highly enthusiastic riders also take their budget performance bikes like R15 or KTM Dukes’ to the trip. As we can see in the video, the Suzuki Hayabusa is tested on the treacherous path of his Leh-Ladakh trip. Such high-performance bikes are not recommended and it can be quite tough to manoeuvre it. Nevertheless, people do such things and come back with a lifetime of memories.

Using a Superbike as an Uber Moto

Surprises always brighten up your day a little more. This video is a testament to one such surprise. Many luxury cars are used as Uber taxis, but then again are charged differently, so the consumer knows and expects a luxurious ride. However, there is no such differentiating tab for bikes on the Uber app, therefore when this particular commuter was expecting a normal 100 cc bike for his destination, he gets this superbike. Initially, he thinks of it as a prank, but eventually gets to know this is for real and the smile on his face is priceless, just like that.

Using a superbike to make popcorn

Ever feel hungry on those long road trips, who knew you could travel on your very own bike-cum-popcorn maker. The video shows just that. For all the Suzuki Hayabusa owners, this could come as surprise and also an activity to do in your spare time, to really know the potential of your bike. The 4 cylinder engine is put to work with a few corns slipped inside the exhaust canister, it is then followed by revving for some time, and following that we see popcorns just flying out of the exhaust pipe.