5 CRAZY things people have done with superbikes in India [Video]

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The craze or better say the passion of owning and riding superbikes has been on a rise in India for some time now. Superbikes are a bit more affordable now to buy as well as maintain as several big manufacturers have marked their presence in the country. Also, the used superbike market is booming like never before which meant that one can get their dream set of wheels at around half the original price. With so many superbikes around, a few crazy things are bound to happen. Here are 5 such crazy things that people have done with superbikes in India.

Street racing sportscars on regular highways at insane speeds

We just talked about a superbike doing 300 plus speeds on Indian roads but this particular video shows something way crazier than that. Probably inspired by the Fast and the Furious movies, a BMW M3 sports car is dangerously weaving in between highway traffic that includes a mix of cars, trucks and two-wheelers. It is being chased by a group of superbikes and the video then shows a rider on a Kawasaki ZX10R sends out a hand signal that he’s going to street race the BMW M3. This is followed by a dangerous show of sudden braking, wild swerving and sudden acceleration bursts, all in a Bollywood flick style. Such antics are very, very dangerous and can easily result in a fatal accident causing causalities for the riders as well as other road users.

Hitting 300 Km/h on Indian roads

While road infrastructure in India has improved a lot compared to the past, we are still way behind international levels of road quality and infrastructure. However, with powerful bikes and cars becoming a common sight these days, there are quite a few videos of superbikes doing speeds up to 300 km/h and more on open highways. Reaching the highest possible speed of any vehicle can take some time on the Indian roads but powerful machines like superbikes are capable of doing extremely high speeds on the roads if there’s enough road space available, as seen in the video above. Do note that doing so is illegal and is also extremely dangerous. Best is to hit a local track or any other closed section road where you can get those adrenaline rushes in a better way.

Taking superbikes to Ladakh/Spiti

Almost every true blue car/bike enthusiast in India who loves wandering has Leh-Ladakh on his bucket list as a must-visit place. Usually, people take SUVs/ MPV and Royal Enfield motorcycle for a trip to Ladakh. A few also take budget performance-oriented bikes like the R15 and KTM Duke to these places. However, then come those hot-blooded enthusiasts who are ready to tackle any challenge on their superbike. As seen in the video, a Suzuki Hayabusa is taken on the treacherous trip of Leh-Ladakh where it meets all the elements of nature. The route to Leh-Ladakh is one of the toughest routes in India and taking such high-performance bikes is not recommended as they are quite tough to manage at such places. But people do so and come back with vivid, happy memories.

Using a Superbike as an Uber bike taxi

In past, we have seen a few cases of sportscars being used as Uber taxis in India. This particular guy, however, had second thoughts about the same and decided that superbikes are no less. He then registers himself as an Uber driver and goes to pick up his unsuspecting rides, who were expected a regular commuter bike to come and pick them up. Quite naturally, the person who booked the bike taxi was taken aback and thought of all this as a prank but later on, he sat on the bike and had the ride of his life. Not to mention, the look on his face was priceless. After all, who wouldn’t like to be picked up by a superbike when expecting a 100 cc commuter bike.

Using a superbike to make popcorn

The last one on the list may not be about attaining crazy speeds or going over treacherous terrains but it is equally crazy as any other one here. The video above shows a Suzuki Hayabusa being used as popcorn machine, quite literally. The powerful four-cylinder engine of the Hayabusa is put to good use here along with the custom Akrapovic exhaust the bike is equipped with. A few corns are put inside the exhaust canister and then the bike is revved for some time. A few moments later, a slew of popcorns come flying out of the exhaust pipe, all ready to be served as a gourmet delicacy laced with smoke. On a lighter note, we bet that this Busa popcorn machine is the most expensive machine used for popping corns in India