High performance Hyundai Creta N variant: What it’ll look like

Hyundai Creta, which was launched in the Indian market last year has become very popular in the market. The second-generation Creta is ruling the segment and is posting high sales every month. Hyundai will soon launch the seven-seater Alcazar based on the Creta platform. The all-new vehicle is likely to be launched later this month. But what if Hyundai launched the N-Line version of the Creta in India? Well, here is a rendering image that shows what the all-new Hyundai Creta will look like in a high-performance kit.

High performance Hyundai Creta N variant: What it’ll look like

The all-new Hyundai Creta does look sportier than the first generation. But this rendered image truly shows the sporty side of the mid-size SUV. To start with, it gets a different grille. Yes, it does looks like the tri-arrow design that Hyundai uses with its N-Line cars. The shape of the grille is different too and it is all-black. Down below, it gets a splitter and a red highlight that runs across the width of the body.

The headlamps are smoked and that again adds a very sporty touch to the vehicle. Other than that, there are no other changes on the front. Now coming to the side, the rendered N-Line Creta gets side skirts with red highlights. Also, there are new multi-spoke alloy wheels. They do look extremely good on the car and with the red highlighted brake callipers, the Creta N-Line looks aggressive.

The rear gets a lot of changes. You may even say that it looks overdone. There is a massive roof-mounted spoiler that has the brake lamp attached. Also, the bumper gets a massive splitter and the red highlights continue here too.

High performance Hyundai Creta N variant: What it’ll look like

Hyundai already offers the standard Creta with a high-performance 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine. It gets a seven-speed DCT gearbox.

No plans to launch the N-Line Creta

While Hyundai is working to launch the i20 N-Line in the Indian market, there are no plans to launch the Creta N-Line. N-Line is basically the performance arm of Hyundai and it offers an aggressive and sportier version of the standard vehicles. Hyundai is currently testing the i20 N-Line and that will launch in the Indian market soon. Hyundai already offers the i20 N-Line in the international markets but the Creta N-Line is not available anywhere.

Coming to the i20 N-Line, it looks even more aggressive compared to the standard version. It gets signature N Line design elements that add a new front and rear bumper. New skirtings with a grey contrasting stripe, an all-black grille with a different “chequered flag” pattern and N Line moniker.

The rear looks much more different compared to the standard version of the i20. It gets a diffuser in the bumper, new triangular foglamps similar t o the i30 hatchback and dual-chrome exhaust tips. There are four colour options available with the i20 N Line in the international markets, we are not sure about the colours that will be available in India. Hyundai will also offer a different set of alloy wheels with the N Line variant.