Criminals in Skoda Rapid crash into Hyundai Verna, start shooting [Video]

The crime rates in India have always been a problem and people in the country sometimes witness acts that are extremely horrifying. In the most recent gut-wrenching incident, a man was seen crashing his Skoda Rapid into a Hyundai Verna and then starting an open fire on the man that came out of the Hyundai Verna he crashed into. The case is from Nashik’s Satpur Nagar area and this entire ordeal occurred in broad daylight.

The man named Ashish Jadhav has been identified as the prime suspect in this case and in the CCTV footage that went viral on Twitter shows him ramming the Skoda Rapid into the Hyundai Verna being driven by a man by the name of Tapan Jadhav. It is believed that they both are related to each other. It can be observed in the video that after the crash, Ashish exited the vehicle and started shooting at Tapan. In the footage, Tapan’s Hyundai Verna can be seen to have suffered severe damage from the collision. According to media sources, the shooting may have been motivated by personal animosity. However, as of now not a whole lot of information is available.

Criminals in Skoda Rapid crash into Hyundai Verna, start shooting [Video]

As unfortunate it may be incidents like these are not uncommon in India. Every now and then cases like these come forward where people shoot each other or one person shoots the other in the heat of moment. Back in 2017 another shooting incident became viral where a politicians son killed a man just for overtaking his Land Rover SUV on the road.

The incident happened in Gaya Bihar in 2017 when a student, Aditya Sachdeva was driving a Maruti Swift. While he was driving, he came across the accused, Rocky Yadav who was in his Land Rover Discovery Sport. While driving, Aditya overtook the Land Rover at some point in time which enraged Rocky. Following this Rocky, who was 30 years old chased the Swift, overtook it and caused the vehicle to stop. He then took out a gun and shot Aditya in the head at point blank range, killing him instantly. Before killing him, he even said “Don’t you know who I am?”.

Rocky was identified as the son of a JD(U) MLC, Manorama Devi. His father, Bindi Yadav, was allegedly a criminal-turned-politician. Rocky then absconded while the MLC’s police guard, who was in Rocky’s Land Rover at the time of the incident, was been arrested. Following further investigation it was reported that Rocky’s parents stated they did not where their son went but then after search it was found that he was hiding at a factory owned by his family. He was then convicted of the murder.

Following his arrest it was also reported that initially he was granted bail, however Patna government opposed this in Supreme Court saying that he would influence the witnesses if he were outside. He thus had to return to jail. 16 months later the mother of the young who died in the case asked the authorities for justice. After the case went on for years the accused Rocky was finally given life sentence by the courts for his actions.