Crushed vehicles from yesterday’s Varanasi flyover crash [VIDEO]

Most of you would be aware of the unfortunate incident that recently claimed many lives in Varanasi. As many as 19 lives were lost and more than 12 people were seriously injured when two concrete beams of an under-construction flyover came crashing down on the traffic from a height of almost 40-feet. The incident has shaken the entire nation and the severity of this mishap can be gauged from this video, which shows the mangled remains of vehicles that came under the massive concrete slabs.

These vehicles were pulled out from under the debris using heavy-duty cranes. The first vehicle you see in the video is a minibus or whatever is left of it. An eyewitness says that the bus was carrying roughly 50 people at the time of the accident. Next, the video takes us to other badly damaged vehicles that were crushed by the huge pillars. You can see the twisted remains of a Mahindra Bolero. It’s said most of the occupants of this MPV died on the spot. There’s also an unrecognizable Hyundai that was completely destroyed in this mishap. Occupants of even this car died on the spot. There’s another Mahindra Bolero that has been destroyed beyond recognition. There’s also a Renault Duster that has been almost completely destroyed. The impact was so severe that most of the occupants of these cars died on the spot.

It can be easily made out from the mangled remains of these vehicles that survival is almost impossible in a mishap of such high severity. The video goes on to show as many as seven of the vehicles that were damaged by the concrete beams. The video doesn’t show many two-wheelers that were also damaged in this accident. These vehicles were stuck in slow-moving traffic below the under-construction flyover when this terribly unfortunate incident took place. Luckily, many occupants of the mini-bus could escape to safety by jumping out of the windows.

The twin beams that fell off the flyover were mounted only about a week ago. Unfortunately, they weren’t secured with the required locking mechanism. The labourers and the contractor fled the sight as soon as the beams came crashing down. An eyewitness to this unfortunate event commented, “Luckily, a few passengers were seated in the bus when the beams fell. We rescued them from the wreckage and rushed them to the hospital on auto-rickshaws. But pulling out trapped people from mangled SUVs, cars and two-wheelers was impossible for us.” Another eyewitness said, “It was mayhem on a busy street. We could not fathom what was happening after the beams crashed with a bang. People were running everywhere in panic.”

We extend our sincere condolences to the kith and kin of the deceased.

Video courtesy Insta Mania on Youtube