Current Maruti Swift vs. Upcoming 2024 Swift: Key Differences

2024 Maruti Swift and 2023 Maruti Swift side by side

The most popular hatchback in India, the Maruti Suzuki Swift, will soon receive a massive update. The glimpse of this upcoming hatchback was recently shown at the Japan Mobility Show held in Tokyo on October 25th. This reveal has excited the Indian audience. However, with a lot of anticipation, there are many questions in the minds of these excited buyers. The primary question being: what will be the differences between the outgoing model and the incoming model? So, if you also have the same question, then read on for the answer.

Current vs 2024 Swift: Key Differences

Exterior differences: Front

First and foremost, let’s talk about the differences in the exterior of the new Swift, starting with the front fascia. The most significant difference in the new Swift will be the addition of a much more contemporary-looking grille. Unlike the old Swift, this new grille will feature a high-gloss painted honeycomb pattern. It will also have a black surround, which the current model misses out on.

Current Maruti Swift vs. Upcoming 2024 Swift: Key Differences

The front headlights will also be different. They will now be LED projector units with integrated LED DRLs. The current model also has integrated LED DRLs, but the shape of the new one has changed. Apart from this, the front bumper has been tweaked, ditching the old connection underneath the grille. The fog lamp housings will also be different. Another noticeable change is the bonnet.

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Side Profile

Current Maruti Swift vs. Upcoming 2024 Swift: Key Differences

Moving to the side profile of the vehicle, the major change will be the alloy wheels. The new Swift will come equipped with a brand new diamond-cut alloy wheel design. Additionally, the new Swift will abandon the old hidden rear door handles in favor of traditional door handles on the rear doors. Lastly, one major change on the new Swift is the addition of a new shoulder line that runs across the entire length of the car.


Current Maruti Swift vs. Upcoming 2024 Swift: Key Differences

Shifting to the differences in the rear end, the new Swift will feature a brand new set of LED taillights with C-shaped brake lights. These new taillights, along with the continuous shoulder line, add a modern flair to the rear end of the new Swift. It will also get a differently designed rear bumper, which now, with three subsections, looks a lot more sporty. The rest of the car looks unmistakably like the Swift that has been seen on the roads for quite some time now.

Dimensions and Platforms

Current Maruti Swift vs. Upcoming 2024 Swift: Key Differences

The forthcoming Maruti Suzuki Swift will utilize the same Heartect platform as the outgoing model. However, this time around, it has been heavily reworked and improved. The new Swift, in terms of dimensions, will measure in at 3,860 mm in length, 1,695 mm in width, and 1,500 mm in height. The length has increased by approximately 15 mm, while the height and width have decreased by 40 mm and 30 mm, respectively. The wheelbase size remains unchanged at 2,540 mm.

Interior Differences

Moving to the differences in the interior, the new Swift makes a radical shift from the outgoing model. The current Swift lacks a modern dashboard, which the new Swift will feature. The new Swift has been given the same dashboard layout as its much more premium siblings like the Baleno, Fronx, Brezza, and Grand Vitara.

Current Maruti Swift vs. Upcoming 2024 Swift: Key Differences

The main highlight of this new interior is the 9-inch touchscreen in the center. It is followed by sleek rectangular vents, which replace the current Swift’s circular vents that look very dated. The new Swift will also get the same automatic climate control system as the above-mentioned siblings. The dashboard will feature a dual-tone scheme, which is currently all black on the outgoing Swift hatchback.

Another major difference in the interior observed on the Swift shown in Japan was the front seats. The Swift in Japan featured much sportier bucket seats with bigger side bolsters. Whether these will be offered in India is still unknown. Additionally, the Japanese model was also shown with ADAS and an electronic parking brake, two features which may or may not be offered in India.

Powertrain Differences

Interestingly, the Suzuki Swift shown at the Japanese automotive show was equipped with a brand new three-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine. According to reports, this new engine, internally named the Z12 engine, was mated to a strong hybrid unit in Japan. It has been stated that this strong hybrid engine is capable of providing around 35 kmpl mileage.

Current Maruti Swift vs. Upcoming 2024 Swift: Key Differences

However, there is no clarity on whether the 35 kmpl strong hybrid engine would come to India. On the one hand, it would be costlier and Maruti is usually reluctant to sell high-priced cars. On the other hand, the company already sells the strong hybrid cars Grand Vitara SUV and the Invicto MPV. So it makes sense for Maruti to make Swift the first hatch in India to come with a strong hybrid engine.  But there is no certainty yet. We sure hope we get the strong hybrid.

On the brighter side, it has been stated that the new Z12 engine will be offered in India, capable of providing an impressive 30 kmpl mileage and more low-end torque.


Current Maruti Swift vs. Upcoming 2024 Swift: Key Differences

Currently, the Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback starts at Rs 5.99 lakh and goes up to Rs 9.03 lakh. Most likely, the new Swift, with all its added features, will be priced higher than the outgoing model. The exact pricing of the new Swift, just like its launch date, has not been revealed, but the company could reveal them next year.