Custom-built DC Design Mahindra Thar ‘Hammer’ is FINALLY here

DC Design, a car customizer based out of Mumbai, has come up with a totally Mahindra Thar. Dubbed the Hammer, the custom-built Mahindra Thar from DC doesn’t look as outlandish as the older Thar modification that DC put out a few years ago. And that’s a good thing. While the Thar Hammer continues to retain butch lines, the slew of changes on the custom vehicle’s body give it a unique look. This should be enough to make the Hammer stand out from the thousands of other Thars on Indian roads.

How much for this?

The customization price starts from Rs. 5.5 lakhs, plus a donor Mahindra Thar.

Coming to the detailed changes, the Thar Hammer gets a new front grille, LED projector headlamps, fog lamps and turn indicators. The front bumper is also new and the bonnet is heavily reprofiled for a chunkier appearance. The sides of the Thar get chrome trim and the stock steel wheels have been swapped out for negative offset alloys. The massive wing mirrors are now roof mounted.

DC’s designers have also added flared wheel arches that are much more wider than the stock units. Then there’s the hard top, which also looks much more muscular than other after-market options, with distinct character lines on the sides. The muscular lines continue to the rear of the vehicle, and seem overdone after a point. People who like loud-looking cars will love the DC Thar Hammer though.

The rear gets LED tail lamps, again custom built while the bumper is also a new item. Moving to the insides, DC has loaded it with dollops of plush – leather and all. Red leather, which looks a little garish, is all over; From the seats to the dashboard and door trims, it’s a profusion of red. The dashboard gets a respite from red with wood panelling around the center console, and similar wood trim is on the doors as well.

There’s a touchscreen stereo on the center console, and the dashboard vents are finished in chrome. The roof of the Thar Hammer gets AC vents and a plusher headliner. The bench seats at the rear have been swapped out in favour of a couple of captain seats. There are no mechanical changes. The 2.5 liter turbo diesel engine (105 Bhp-247 Nm) of the Thar CRDe is retained, along with the 5 speed manual gearbox and 4X4 transfer case.

Via DCDesign