Custom built Mahindra TUV300 is a husband’s gift to wife [Video]

Mahindra Tuv300 Stinger Featured

Mahindra is India’s largest utility vehicle manufacturer and have a wide range of vehicles in their line up. They have have hatchbacks like the KUV100 NXT which is designed to look like an SUV to the ultra luxurious full size SUV Alturas which is currently Mahindra’s flagship model. For those who want their vehicles to look different from the others or are fond of modifying or personalising the car to their preference, Mahindra has something called as Mahindra Customisation which is Mahindra’s automobile division dedicated to transform brand’s vehicle into a unique, personalised vehicle. Here we have one such vehicle that was done by Mahindra customisation.

TUV Stinger

Bold are the ones who never settle for anything less than what they believe is best for them.Mansi Sanghvi is breaking conventions with the #TUVStinger, a customised version of the #BoldNewTUV300.Here's her story.

Mahindra TUV300 ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ ಶುಕ್ರವಾರ, ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 7, 2020

The video shows a extremely modified TUV300 sub-4 meter compact SUV that was specially modified by the group to match their personality. The vehicle is owned by Kapil Sanghvi, Mumbai based businessman. This customised TUV300 was a gift from Mr. Sanghvi to his wife Mansi. This TUV300 after customisation now goes by the name  TUV300 Stinger. One of the main attraction on the car is the Olive Green colour paint job which makes it different from other vehicles on the road.

The front of the TUV300 has been heavily customised. It gets a redesigned front with an imposing front grille that is reinforced with 3mm thick steel plating. The headlights have also been replaced for round shaped lamps with black colour inserts around headlamp area. The lower part of the bumper has also been redesigned and gets fog lamps and skid plates.

Custom built Mahindra TUV300 is a husband’s gift to wife [Video]

From the side the vehicle looks pretty similar except for the fact that the rear of the car has been chopped off to give it a rugged look. On the top their are four roof lights mounted and the alloys are also of a completely new design. The wheel arches have been flared so that it can accommodate a bigger tyre. At the rear,  there is an openable boot which can accomodate fair amount of luggage or may be act as a viewing platform if need.

On the inside, the seats, steering wheel have all been customised too. The interiors also get a combination of black interior with olive green inserts on the seats and other places. TUV300 Stinger also comes with a sunroof which was added as per customer request. It took Mahindra Customisation a couple of months to finish this project. The work looks pretty neat and is done directly from the OEM. What this provides is the assurance of quality and reliability which is missing from a third party at times.