Custom-built Yamaha RD350 With Rs 8 lakh Worth Modifications Generates 50 Bhp [Video]

Custom built RD350

Yamaha RD350 – a name that would bring a smile to the face of many people reading this story. It was once one of the most powerful motorcycles one could buy in the Indian market. It was sold in many markets, including India. When compared to other markets, we got the less powerful detuned versions. One of the major reasons why the engine on this motorcycle was detuned was to increase fuel efficiency. It is one of those motorcycles that has appreciated over the years, and a well-kept example could easily fetch you good money. Here we have a video of a custom-built Yamaha RD350 that has modifications worth Rs. 8 lakh.

The video has been shared by Moto Jinn on their YouTube channel. The video talks about all the customizations and modifications done to this RD350 motorcycle. The in-line two-cylinder motorcycle from Yamaha was powered by a 347-cc engine.

It was available in two versions: a high-torque version that generated 30.5 bhp and a low-torque version that generated 27 bhp. The one used here in this video is the low-torque version. The main aim of this project was to customize this RD350 into a US-spec motorcycle.

Many parts used in this project have been imported, which is what makes it one of the most expensive modified RD350s in the country. The workshop has done US-spec combo porting, compressed the head of this motorcycle, and used shock absorbers from the Paioli brand.

The motorcycle also comes with US-spec tail lamps, turn indicators, reflectors, and so on. The tank seen on this motorcycle is different from the one seen in the Indian market. This is a unit seen in models sold in UK markets. Similarly, the instrument cluster has also been replaced with a UK unit. Similarly, the seats on this motorcycle are also US-spec.

The clutch on this motorcycle has also been replaced. It now comes with a hydraulic clutch borrowed from Yamaha’s expensive bike, the VMax. The switches on this motorcycle have also been upgraded. These are imported units from the RD400.

Another highlight of this motorcycle is the front disc brakes. The motorcycle gets twin non-ventilated disc brakes at the front, from a Yamaha XS650. The rear disc brake unit has been borrowed from a Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

Custom-built Yamaha RD350 With Rs 8 lakh Worth Modifications Generates 50 Bhp [Video]
Custom built RD350

The motorcycle also gets custom-built calculated power chambers. There are two of these, and they enhance the overall performance of the motorcycle. The carburetor on this motorcycle has also been upgraded for performance.

The chambers have been designed at a workshop in Bengaluru. It is designed to go well with the port mapping and generate 50 bhp. The motorcycle gets a UNI air filter pod, and the Vforce Reed valves have also been installed.

With all these upgrades, the exhaust note on this motorcycle sounds pretty neat. The 2-stroke engine’s signature note is evident in this video. The paint job on this motorcycle is another attraction. It now gets a Nardo Grey shade with a red frame and graphics on the fuel tank and side covers. The finished product does look neat and unique.