This custom made Force Traveller caravan from Kerala costs Rs 50 lakh [Video]

Caravan-ing is gaining popularity in the country, and many state governments have started promoting the use of caravans to improve tourism. We have featured instances where foreigners have visited India in their custom-made caravans. Several workshops and garages across the country build such custom-made caravans or camper vans. While some people customize their cars to suit their needs, others prefer vehicles like buses and Travellers for such modifications. Here we have one such custom-made Force Traveller caravan from Kerala that costs around Rs 50 lakh.

The video has been uploaded by iam brintow on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger takes a walkaround of the caravan and shows all the features it offers. The video starts with the exterior, where the caravan based on a Force Traveller 26-seater bus has been completely customized from the outside and inside. The exterior features a custom paint job, bumper, and grille. The vehicle also has a 360-degree camera set up to monitor its surroundings. These cameras work as dash cameras and record all the time, each camera offering a 180-degree viewing angle.

Moving to the side profile, the sliding windows on the Traveller have been replaced with sealed glass, and there are LED marker lights indicating the vehicle’s width and length at night. The rear of the caravan features a sir suspension set up that makes the ride a lot more comfortable. The spare wheel is mounted on the tailgate, and there is a ladder to access the roof where the fresh water tank and AC unit have been placed. At the rear, on the left-hand side, there is a cabinet that houses the generator.

This custom made Force Traveller caravan from Kerala costs Rs 50 lakh [Video]
Force Traveller converted into a caravan

Under the bus, an inlet pipe for the fresh water tank is visible, along with all the plumbing work. A power plug connects the bus to an external power source at a camping site. As we move in, there are more changes. The 26-seater bus has been transformed into a luxury caravan. The driver cabin features leather seats, AC vents on the roof, and a touchscreen infotainment screen. There is an armrest for the driver, and under that, there is an inverter for all the appliances installed inside the cabin. While the bus is in motion, it uses the roof-mounted AC unit. The passenger cabin is divided using a gate that can be opened with the touch of a button.

The bus can now seat a maximum of 10 people, including the driver. There are electrically reclining seats and cushions that can be converted into a bed for two. The caravan also features a kitchen counter with a gas stove, mini-refrigerator, and microwave above it. There are plenty of storage spaces, and the roof has been completely redone with ambient and LED lights to give the cabin a premium look. There is a split AC unit that can be used when the vehicle is parked, along with television screens, WiFi, and a decent-sized bathroom. The work was done by Josh Designs, and it took them almost 180 days to finish the project. The approximate cost of this project was around Rs 50 lakh, and depending on the customizations, the cost may vary.

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