Custom-made Harley Davidson motorcycles by Punjab’s Rebel Customs look beautiful [Video]

India is one of the largest market for two wheelers in the world. There are several brands who are launching new bikes and scooters in India. There are several workshops and custom houses in different parts of the country. Royal Enfield motorcycles are some of the most commonly modified and we have seen them is different body styles as well. In most of the cases, Royal Enfied motorcycles are modified to look like Harley Davidson but Here we have a video of a workshop in Punjab, India that specialises is customising Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The video has been uploaded by Dayakaran vlogs on their YouTube channel. The video shows Rebel Customs which is a custom motorcycle workshop in Punjab. They specialise in customising Harley and Royal Enfield motorcycles. In this video, the vlogger shows couple of beautifully modified custom made Harley Davidson motorcycles. In this video, Rebel Customs talk about the process how they modify the motorcycles and also the approximate cost of customisations.

He starts with a Harley Davidson Street 750 motorcycle, which is one of his ongoing projects. The motorcycle does not look like a Harley anymore. Video mentions that except the engine, everything else on this motorcycle has been customised. The fuel tank on this motorcycle is actually placed under the rider seat. The tank is a custom made unit and the air filter is placed at the spot where usually the fuel is stored. The motorcycle gets air suspension at the rear which is made inhouse at Rebel customs. Similarly, the straight pipe exhausts, suspension, handle bar, headlamps, chassis, swing arm are all customised.

Custom-made Harley Davidson motorcycles by Punjab’s Rebel Customs look beautiful [Video]

The alloy wheels at the front and the rear are also custom made. Both front and rear get disc brakes and many parts on this motorcycle are even imported too. Another Harley Davidson Street 750 motorcyle which is finished can also be seen in the video. It is similar to the one that is shown before but the rear suspensions are not the same. It gets regular shock absorbers at the rear. Coming to the third motorcycle, which is again a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It is based of 883 Sportster but, it does not look like one from any angle.

The motorcycle has grabbed a lot of attention on social media and it was a project that was completed 5 years ago. The owner of the motorcycle has brought the bike back for detailing work for the upcoming India Bike Week in Goa this year. This motorcycle also gets custom made parts which sets it apart from others on the road. It is definitely a crowd puller and this motorcycle also has an air suspension at the rear. This helps in adjusting the ground clearance and ride height of the motorcycle. The green shade on the motorcycle was was looking extremely attractive and the design of the single sided swingarm was also looking beautiful.

Video also shows couple of other modified Royal Enfield and Harey Davison motorcycles in the garage. Coming to the overall cost of these type of customisations, the video mentions that, the Street 750 can up to Rs 7 lakh including the motorcycle. The price of the customisation would vary depending on the type of modifications one would choose. The overall time to complete these types of project would vary anywhere from 2-4 months.