Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan from Schlachtwerk looks gorgeous

Royal Enfield is the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer which is still in production. The Chennai based two wheeler manufacturer is known for its retro looking modern motorcycles. They have a huge fan following around the world and these motorcycles are often picked by custom and modification garages for projects. We have seen several examples of modified Royal Enfield (RE) motorcycles around the world. Some of them have been featured on our website as well. Royal Enfield has Himalayan which is a adventure tourer motorcycle. Just like other Royal Enfield products, Himalayan is also available in international markets and has been modified by several custom houses. Here we have a video, where a Royal Enfield Himalayan has been beautifully customised to a classic enduro.

The video has been shared by Royal Enfield Australia & NZ on their YouTube channel. The man behind this creation is Tommy Thöring who is originally from Germany. In this video he talks about his passion about motorcycle and how that made him shift to Australia. He mentions that, he moved to Australia mainly because of the weather. He likes motorcycling and in Australia, he could ride a motorcycle almost the whole year.

So he shifted to Australia and opened a motorcycle garage with name ‘Schlachtwerk’. Schlachtwerk in German means slaughter house. Tommy used to dismantle motorcycles in this garage and sell parts and in that sense the name seemed pretty apt. He mentions in the video that, in some time he had so many parts in his garage that he eventually started building motorcycle.

The enduro motorcycle was one such creation. He bought a brand new Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle and modified it. The main motive while he built this motorcycle was to make it a lot more rideable and lighter than the stock version. When he first saw the motorcycle, he was not sure about the Himalayan as it did not generate a lot of power. One he started riding it, he realised that, it is a suitable bike for any type of road.

Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan from Schlachtwerk looks gorgeous

It was also a perfect motorcycle for beginners who learning to ride in dirt. Tommy has removed a lot of weight from the motorcycle. He was inspired by the design of enduro bikes from the 80’s and he tried recreating a similar design on the Himalayan too. The steel rims on the motorcycle has been retained and it gets a black paint job. The rims is wrapped with knobby off-road friendly tyres. The new front fender gives it a dirt bike like stance.

The handle bar on this motorcycle has been modified and the instrument cluster has been removed completely. The seat has been redesigned too. The rear fender is also a custom made unit. The short fender has an aftermarket tail light installed on it and the stock exhaust has been removed and an aftermarket lightweight unit has been installed and the bend pipe has been rerouted to increase the ground clearance on the motorcycle.

In terms of engine, it is still powered by the same 411-cc, single cylinder, fuel injected engine that generates 24 Ps and 32 Nm of peak torque. Tommy was very impressed with the overall build quality of the motorcycle and mentions that in the video too. The classic enduro motorcycle however looks very neat.