Custom-built trike based on Royal Enfield Thunderbird X comes with a reverse gear [Video]

Royal Enfield motorcycles as we all know have a very cult following and they have been in the country for quite some time. People love it for its retro looks and modern features and the ride comfort that it offers. It also acts as a great donor bike for many customisations and modifications and we have seen several such unique looking examples in the past. Here we have one such Royal Enfield motorcycle that comes with a unique set of modifications. It is probably going to be one of the first trike in the country that based on a Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

The video has been uploaded by MotoMahal on their youtube channel. The video basically shows a modified trike that is based on a Royal Enfield motorcycle. The donor bike for this project is a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500X and the modifications are done by Jaggi customs. The main highlight of this modification apart from three wheels is a reverse gear.

This additional feature comes in handy because there are high chances that the rider might come across some narrow roads and pushing a trike back is going to be a lot harder than a bike. The reverse gear makes things easier for the rider. According to the video, the system functions with all the regular gears in the bike. All that the rider has to do is press the lever and the bike will start moving in reverse. Once the rider is done with it, he can simply turn off the lever and the bike will move forward.

Custom-built trike based on Royal Enfield Thunderbird X comes with a reverse gear [Video]

The Trike seen in the video has undergone a number of changes. The main visible change at the rear is the new set of wheels itself. It uses the same rear suspension but, the swing arm has been modified and there is an axle with a disc brake plate and sprocket in the middle. It now gets a new set of all black alloy wheels.

The front foot rest area gets a foot board to give it a proper trike like feel and look. Apart from that nothing else has changes in the motorcycle. It uses the same old 500-c, air-cooled engine. The overall time consumed to finish this project is around 4-5 months and according to the vlogger, Jaggi customs have already applied for patent on this modification.