Customised Jawa Perak bobber motorcycle looks classy

There are very few authentic bobbers on sale in the Indian market, among which the Jawa Perak holds the title of being the most affordable one in the country right now. The single-seater flagship motorcycle from Jawa is one true-blue bobber with a low-slung old-school appeal which offers more form than function. While the standard Jawa Perak is available with only one colour option from the showroom floors, this customized Perak from Hyderabad-based Eimor Customs looks impressive with its unique colour scheme.

Customised Jawa Perak bobber motorcycle looks classy

Known for customizing neo-retro motorcycles, Eimor Customs is a popular brand of motorcycle customization from South India. The folks at Eimor Customs have come up with a customization project based on Jawa Perak, which gets a host of visual changes to make the already elusive motorcycle even more special-looking. The overall changes introduced in this motorcycle are only restricted to visual ones, and it gets no alterations to its mechanicals.

Customised Jawa Perak bobber motorcycle looks classy

To start with, this customized Jawa Perak from Eimor Customs gets a brand new custom black paint scheme well-complemented with copper gold graphics, which are present on the lower parts of the 14-litre fuel tank and side body panels. Even the round-themed headlamp cowl and front and rear fenders come with a copper-gold pin-striping job. All the mechanical components of the motorcycle, which are already themed in matte black, go well with this new gloss black and copper-gold paint scheme.

Customised Jawa Perak bobber motorcycle looks classy

Other crucial changes in this Jawa Perak from Eimor Customs include a new tan seat cover for the single seat on offer. The rear fender gets a custom rack above it, as the Perak doesn’t come with a factory-fitted rear seat. In addition to enhancing the aesthetics, the rack also improves the practicality of the motorcycle by allowing it to carry small loads on the rack.

Jawa Perak gets 334cc engine

As said above, there are no alterations done to the mechanicals of this Jawa Perak. It continues to run on the same four-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 334cc engine of the stock version of the motorcycle, which produces 30 bhp of maximum power and 32 Nm of maximum torque. Even the 6-speed gearbox, upside-down telescopic front forks, rear mono-shock and slash-cut dual exhaust pipes are the same.

Currently, the Jawa Perak has no direct competition in its price segment, as the only bobber available closer to its price is the newly-launched Keeway V302C. This new motorcycle from Keeway gets a twin-cylinder 300cc engine and is priced almost double the Jawa Perak.

Jawa officially re-entered the Indian market in 2018 and launched the Classic and 42 bikes. The brand also showcased the Jawa Perak bobber, which was officially launched earlier this year to mark Jawa’s one-year presence in the Indian market. Priced at Rs 1.94 lakhs, the Jawa Perak is the most affordable bobber bike in the Indian market. It has no direct competition in the market.

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