Modified Toyota Hilux Off-Road Pickup Truck Is A Beast [Video]

Toyota Hilux modified featured

The Toyota Hilux is currently the most popular luxury off-road pickup truck available in India. Now, although it has a very niche market in the country, people still love modifying it, and recently, a video of a highly modified Toyota Hilux has been shared online. This particular Hilux has been given custom bumpers on the front and rear, a 2-inch lift kit, new and bigger alloy wheels, and a bunch of other mods.

The video of this Toyota Hilux comes courtesy of Azad 4X4’s YouTube channel. For those who may not be aware, Azad 4X4 is a shop based out of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. It is known for creating some of the most unique and highly modified off-road vehicles. The projects from this shop have been featured here on Cartoq on numerous occasions.

Toyota Hilux: Exterior modifications

Modified Toyota Hilux Off-Road Pickup Truck Is A Beast [Video]

As for this particular Toyota Hilux, it has been given a number of exterior modifications. Starting at the front, the main highlight is the addition of a brand new bumper. This particular bumper looks extremely aggressive and gets high-gloss black and red body color. The bumper also houses LED fog lights as well. There are LED pod lights in front of the windshield as well.

In addition, the grille has also been replaced with a honeycomb pattern grille with a massive red Toyota emblem. It can also be noted that the bonnet of this pickup truck has also been changed. It now gets a much more aggressive-looking bonnet with non-functional scoops. This bonnet looks similar to the one that comes on Dodge RAM TRX.

Modified Toyota Hilux Off-Road Pickup Truck Is A Beast [Video]

Coming to the side profile of this modified Toyota Hilux, the shop has added a set of massive 20-inch Icon alloy wheels. These wheels get a turbine-style design with beadlock-type bolts on the outer portion. Additionally, these wheels have been wrapped in Radar 33-inch Renegade all-terrain tires.

Apart from these, to add to the butch appearance on the side profile, this Hilux has been given bigger high-gloss black fender flares. It also gets high-gloss black elements on the door panels as well. The pickup truck also gets massive rear-view mirrors as well along with Option metal side steps.

Modified Toyota Hilux Off-Road Pickup Truck Is A Beast [Video]

Moving on to the rear end of this unique build, it can be noted that the car also gets an Option metal rear bumper with red shackles as well. It looks extremely aggressive just like the Option roll cage. The shop has also added LED pod lights on the rear roll cage as well. Lastly it also gets a retractable pickup bed cover as well.

Mechanical and interior modifications

Modified Toyota Hilux Off-Road Pickup Truck Is A Beast [Video]

This particular Hilux has also been given a Profender 2-inch lift kit as well. It can be noted that it also gets new upper control arms as well. Additionally, a red-colored front underbody protector from Hamer has also been added on this Hilux.

Coming to the interior side of things, not much has been changed except for a few carbon fiber elements. These carbon fiber bits have been added to the dashboard and around window controls on the doors.