Check Out These Heavily Modified Toyota Hilux Pick Up Trucks From Azad 4X4 [Video]

toyota hilux modified azad 4x4

Truck culture is slowly picking up pace in the Indian market. Toyota recently launched its internationally popular pickup truck, the Hilux, in the Indian market. Anyone who buys a Hilux usually gets some mods done to the car. Today, we are going to cover two examples of modified Hilux.

The video, uploaded by Bunny Punia on YouTube, showcases two uniquely modified Toyota Hilux pickup trucks. These modifications, carried out by Azad 4×4, not only enhance the trucks’ visual appeal but also serve a practical purpose. Both trucks are finished in red, adding to their distinctiveness. Let’s now delve into the details of these modifications.
The cars are completely transformed from their original look.

Hilux #1

The car is equipped with stunning 20-inch alloy wheels along with a 2.5-inch lift kit, adding to the practicality. Reaching in the truck bed can be difficult as the car has been lifted. To solve this issue, a T-step has been added to the back. The exterior of this car is finished in the theme of red with gloss black.

The truck is equipped with a unique GR Sport kit, which includes various parts such as front bumper, gloss black grille, bulky side fenders, headlight & taillight garnishes and gloss black door handles. The bulky fenders beautifully accommodate the wide tyres of the car. A noticeable and unique addition is extendable ORVMs.

Check Out These Heavily Modified Toyota Hilux Pick Up Trucks From Azad 4X4 [Video]

They not only look cool but also serve a purpose. While towing campers or driving in the wild, these mirrors provide a much better view of what’s happening at the back. An electric truck bed cover has been added to keep the luggage safe. Another unique addition to the front profile is the bonnet cover, which gives the truck an aggressive look.

A sleek bull guard and underbody protection have been added to protect the car while going for off-road adventures. Other additions are metal footsteps, a truck bed roll bar, multiple lights for better visibility and a fully metal rear bumper with shackles.

Hilux #2

Compared to the first one, this car is finished in the theme of red and matte black. The car is loaded with off-road focused additions such as a forged aluminium off-road front bumper, metal footsteps, lift kit and 20-inch alloy wheels.

Comparing the two vehicles, this one is more off-road focused and equipped with a working snorkel to boost the water wading capacity. Other modifications are similar to the first Hilux, which include extendable ORVMs, bulky side fenders, a truck bed roll bar, lights, glossy black door handles, a powered truck bed cover, T-step, bonnet covers and an off-road metal rear bumper.

As we conclude the video, it’s important to note that while these modifications are designed with a purpose and do not compromise on daily drivability, some of them may not comply with the regulations in certain states. Before going for such projects, it is always advised to check with the rules and regulations.

In the Indian market, there are no competitors of the Hilux except the Isuzu D Max V-Cross which is priced at Rs. 23 lakhs to Rs. 27 lakhs. In contrast, the Hilux is priced at Rs. 30.40 lakhs to 37.90 lakhs