Customized trikes in India: From Bajaj Avenger to Honda Unicorn

While motorcycle trikes are quite common abroad, especially in countries like the US, these three-wheeled vehicles aren’t too popular in India. This is mostly due to a lack of interest in trikes and also because of the congested roads. That said, there are some people who have modified their bikes into really stylish trikes. Today, let’s have a look at as many as five trikes from across the country. For the record, trikes are not road-legal in India unless one gets an RTO approval to use these vehicles legally.

Bajaj Avenger

Here is a trike that’s based on a Bajaj Avenger. Actually, most of the trikes are based on cruiser motorcycles, which is mostly due to the relaxed ergonomics they offer. As cruiser motorcycles have a pretty laid back seating, they make for a pretty good base for making a trike. Here’s a really beautiful trike from Mumbai that’s based on a Bajaj Avenger. This trike gets a sofa-like rear seat that can comfortably seat two passengers. Also, the rear-end of this trike has a vintage car-like look.

Hero Karizma

While the above trike is based on a cruiser motorcycle, this trike is based on a Hero Karizma. Moreover, unlike the vintage car-like look of the Avenger-based trike, this three-wheeler has a fully exposed rear axle and no additional seating capacity. At the rear, it gets a twin shock setup, which, basically, comprises two monoshocks. What makes this motorcycle look really special is that it has been made entirely at home. Powering this motorcycle is the same engine that powers the regular Karizma. However, the fuel tank comes from a Bajaj Pulsar while the wheel is that of a Volkswagen Jetta.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird

Here is a mighty looking trike that’s based on a Royal Enfield Thunderbird. While many parts of this trike come from a T’bird, it’s powered by a 796cc engine of Maruti 800 that produces a maximum of 37.5 Bhp and 59 Nm of peak torque. This trike gets McPherson struts with coil springs at the rear. The front retains the stock suspension.

Honda Unicorn

Seen in the above video is a reverse trike that’s based on a Honda Unicorn. Actually, reverse trikes are a lot more complicated than a regular trike. This is because reverse trikes require a completely new steering system. The Unicorn-based trike gets tiltable steering, which means you can continue to lean into the corners. Of course, it doesn’t allow extreme lean angles but a tiltable steering column does manage to retain some of the fun factor of a motorcycle. This motorcycle also gets disc brakes on all wheels.

TVS Maxx

Yes, you can even convert an entry-level commuter motorcycle into a trike. This trike has been developed by a group of engineering students. They have named their creation ‘Anvitha’. Even this motorcycle is a reverse trike that can be titled while cornering. This makes the Anvithra look nothing like anything else on the road.

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