Cute Japanese biker chick turns out to be a 50 year-old biker uncle using FaceApp

Remember FaceApp? Yes, that app that allows you to change your appearance with the click of a button. Well, a 50-year old Japanese biker used this very app to appear as a young Japanese biker chick to garner more followers on Social Media.

On the left of the picture is the FaceApped version of the 50-year old biker on the right.


The 50 year-old biker turned to FaceApp after finding that his posts about motorcycles and riding weren’t gaining the kind of traction that he thought they would. After changing his appearance through FaceApp, the Japanese biker – who calls himself Azusa Gakayuki on Twitter began attracting thousands of followers. One thing led to another and the 50-year old biker was having great connect with his Twitter followers thanks to his ‘pretty biker chick avatar’.

But it wasn’t long before he got busted…

While most of his tweets were flawless, one tweet showed his real face – albeit quite dim and blurry – through a rear view mirror of one of his motorcycles. While Mr. Gakayuki did use a girly mobile phone cover to suit the ‘pretty girl’ avatar for FaceApp and Social Media, one Twitter user noticed and called him out with ‘That’s a cute mobile phone case’. This is the Tweet that got him busted. Zoom on the picture showing the rear view mirror of the motorcycle. It clearly shows a middle aged man taking a selfie with a phone that has a girly cover on it.

With his disguise busted, the biker then added his own twist to the tale by getting featured on a Japanese TV show called the ‘Monday Late Show’. On the TV show, he revealed that he was a 50 year-old man appearing as a pretty young girl to the world through FaceApp, and that he did all this to gain more followers on Twitter. One thing was original though – his long golden hair, which actually enabled him to pull off this stunt.

Ever since he’s gotten onto the show and revealed his identity, his followers on Twitter have only increased and it appears that the biker has finally managed to achieve what he originally set out for: Fame on Twitter. And guess what, a lot of other Japanese bikers have now begun FaceApping themselves to look like pretty women.

The things that people do for social media fame….

Closer home here in India, YouTubers are going batshit crazy with various stunts for Social Media fame. Just last week, a young man was arrested for filming himself doing Push-Ups on a moving Mahindra Scorpio’s roof. And then there was this girl from Surat whose viral stunt videos on a KTM RC390 got her busted by the cops. While these are just a couple of examples that got police involved, there was this other incident where a YouTuber staged a road rage incident, only to have the girl in the video make another video exposing him. Here, this is how the middle finger girl’ story went.

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